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  1. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-tulum-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews#4059 Just posted my review of my DT wedding
  2. Just wanted to update, back from our wedding and it was fabulous!!! Best day ever! I have to say, one of the parts of my day that made me smile was the amount of compliments that I received on my dress.....best $130 I ever spent The people that I told couldn't believe I was serious when I told them how little it cost!
  3. We just had him at our wedding 2 weeks ago at the Dreams Tulum resort. He was fabulous. Kept the party going for the entire reception. I have never seen my mom dance.... EVER... and she got up on the dance floor. Great communication, great price....I would highly recommend
  4. I get married on Thursday.....and my real name is Noemi (No-Emmie) I am sure that we'll see each other, let's have a drink to de-stress from the thoughts of how much extra we might have to pay
  5. Have fun! I am sure that we will see you this week, we get there on Saturday Have a FABULOUS wedding. One of my brothers, and a friend of mine are there already and they both said the weather is fantastic! Best wishes!
  6. Janine you are a freakin' rockstar! Love the planning thread, super in depth! Thanks for being such an inspirational November bride. Have an amazing wedding. Best wishes for perfect weather and a perfect day. Look forward to hearing and seeing all the details upon your return!
  7. Gorgeous! If you don't mind me asking... how much did she charge, and who was the seller?
  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Did you make it yourself? It is really gorgeous!
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