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  1. BusyBee, I had a non-religious ceremony and that was the same script they sent me....needless to say I chose to write my own!! Good Luck!!
  2. Hey acw, The Pueblo is part of the resort. Its where the stores are, the disco, karaoke, sports bar and the AMAZING burger place (I actually only ate the ham and cheese sandwiches, but they were awesome!!). Anyways, you can pay for fancier drinks at the sports bar, but you can also get the basic resort drinks for free. Thats kinda the only additional cost. The stores all charge, but before you buy anything from there I would recommend dealing with the dudes that walk along the beach, they always gave good deals. Hope that helps.
  3. I would guess that yellow is the usual set-up because I didnt specify any colour. I'm sure you could always email to ask (and hope you get a response!).
  4. lmarie, No we did not pay for a private reception. When you get the Dolce Vita restaurant you essentially get a private reception. When you walk into that restaurant you basically have the main dinning area directly in front of you. Then off to the right hand side is this separate little room. When we had our al a carte dinner there this section was "open" to the public, but it was definitely closed off for our reception dinner. Busybee I would recommend the Dolce Vita (Italian). The set up is more closed off, so even if you dont get the room that I got (but I am pretty positive that that is always the rm weddings get) you will still have a more private feel then the Grill. The grill was completely open, so I dont think you would get the sense of privacy that the Dolce offers....When you are looking at the pix of the Grill it shows all the tables kinda in a row. This is all on the "main" floor. Then there is a big platform, maybe 2-3 steps up that has more seating. I personally felt that it was too open, and I didnt want that.... I emailed everything to email and nothing was notarized....I confirmed that this was ok before I did it and I didnt have any problems. And I got my certificate within 6 wks, so it clearly didnt cause any issues at the processes office. I did have to bring the originals down with me and they photocopy them there.
  5. Fleetmac, The ceremony was really short...like 15mins....and then the cake cutting and toast also went by fast. I would say we were at the gazebo for a maximum of 1.5hrs, including pictures, although we didnt do tons of pix this day b/c we had a trash the dress session the following day....If they cant switch anything you would be fine, but you may want to push dinner back a half hr just to give yourself time to refreshen up.... Sleepski, here are pix of our dinner (it was at dolce vita). Reception rm (facing out to the main dining area) head table view from the head table
  6. Sleepski, Here are some pix from our reception. It was just dancing, but we hired the dj and bartenders. Hope it helps! taken from the hotel these are what the chairs look like without covers!! we werent given a choice for the reception....lol The view from the gazebo....it was a beautiful night! ACW, When we met with Beverly down there she told us that we could pay $20 for the 2hrs and only had to pay for 1/2 the ppl....well not even. We had 59 of us and they charged us for 25...You can only have the gazebo for 2 hrs. (8:30-10:30) because then the dj has to go to the disco and Beverly said they dont want to disturb the other guest with the sound of music...
  7. Hey ladies, Just wanted to let you all know that I didn't realize that we needed cash for the minister and therefore refused to pay cash. I put everything on my credit card and made them pay the minister. I don't remember / think that we had to pay any additional taxes on the $400.... Hope that helps a little!
  8. Hey Cupcake, Thanks so much! Yes it was. We didn't get an upgraded room, regarding what was in it, but the view was absolutely amazing. We had the best view out of all the guest rooms that I was in... Good Luck!! It's gonna be here before you know it!
  9. Hey Marlena, I ordered the personalized m&m's and brought then down with me and they did not melt! And I was not questioned on them at the airport. I purchased the 5lb bag and that was enough for 60 shot glasses. I can't remember if I put them in my luggage or my carry-on....I think they were in my luggage....I will ask my bridesmaids b/c they might remember and I'll let you know!
  10. I used Oceans and WAS NOT happy with them. At the time they gave me the best price, but honestly overall I was completely upset with them and had many guest phone and complain to me and to them directly. There were so many various issues I cannot begin to explain. They were all minor, but they all just added up.....if you can get out of using them I would....
  11. Yes, that is the lobby terrace. Its really nice atmosphere! I think that you might be able to have your first dance in the disco. I was looking at pictures on the photographers website that has been recommended to ppl (http://www.jamaicanphotography.com) and one set of her pix (the bridal party is in an orangey colour) it looks like their first dance and the groom is doing the garter thing...its definitely in the disco... another option would be to bring an IPOD with the docking station and play your song on that and do your dance on the terrace! Some of my friends brought their ipods, and tho I found them annoying as they were constantly playing them and loudly, we were definitely able to have it going all the time and were never told to shut it off (unfortuantley!!) Really I dont mind music, but I dont need it constant and so loud! But thats another story!! I actually think that might be a really pretty idea....b/c then your outside and the lighting isnt bright on the terrace at night...under the stars....kinda romantic! No to the notarized copies. I emailed Beverly to tell her that I didnt have the long form birth certificate and ask if she actually needed it or if I could just send her our fathers names... she was fine with me just scanning in our "normal" birth certs and emailing them to her. And then I just brought down the originals of my birth cert and and of course had my passport...I know she took them and made photocopies, but she didnt ask for proof of your fathers names....I wouldnt worry if you cant get this notarized!
  12. Hey lmarie, The lobby bar is completely open and everyone is allowed there. I have attached two pictures of the outside lobby bar. There is one bar outside and tons of table/chairs all along the balcony. There is another bar inside, directly behind the balcony / in the white doors that you can see in pic #2. You can also see part of the bar to the left in that picture. Pic #1 gives you an idea of how much space there is. The main lobby is also right inside the doorway thats to the left in this pix. PS. the stairs that you can see are really annoying and I would suggest telling everyone to be super careful on them and maybe try to avoid them when drinking!! They are an awkward size ...it feels weird to take normal steps on them, but there not actually big enough for two steps! Pic 1 Pic 2
  13. lmarie, I only met with her briefly. She took care of making sure that the guys were ready on the beach and that all the guest got seated and organized. My husband said that she was really nice! I'm sure that she will be just as amazing as Beverly considering that she worked directly with her. acw, Your wedding will be amazing either way!! I honestly dont know if its worth the money to rent out the gazebo if theres only 10-12 people in your group. You're dinner will go until 8:30ish and then you could head up to the lobby bar and then go to the disco....My group spent most of our nights hanging out at the outside lobby bar. Its such a nice atmosphere....As for the price my group paid $1455 and I have many people complain to me, but 2 days into the trip I had those same people coming up and thanking me!! Trust me, once they get there they totally forget how much they paid! Its worth it!! Good luck ladies!!
  14. You may be able to cut a deal once you are there. When I met with Beverly and she gave me a discounted rate on the bar she had made a comment about waiting until the meet with you in person to go over prices....I wouldnt say to count on it, but I'm sure once you're there they will be more willing to deal....Good luck!
  15. acw, Have you decided on the date yet? I would suggest doing the Tuesday. I arrived on a Saturday and got married on Wednesday and there definitely wasnt enough time after the wedding. If I could do it again I would have done it earlier in the week! Fleetmac, Thank you! I didnt have to pay anything for the spray paint! My bridesmaids were carrying fake gerbera daisys that I had brought down with me.
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