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  1. We are taking a Weddingmoon cruise next April and leaving from Ft. Lauderdale and I would like to do the same thing. I figured that way we could all go to the ship at the same time. We all live in north Florida so it would be nice if we could find a hotel that we could leave our car at, have the hotel shuttle us to the port and not have to pay the parking at the port. We did this when we flew to Mexico one time and it saved alot in parking fees. I have started searching for hotels and I'm going to call my travel agent and see if she knows of any, so I'll let you know what I find out. By th
  2. Ohh!! Glad it as the band around the middle, my stomach is my main problem area. I love the Maggie Sottero line also. I will be going soon to start trying on dresses, I just wish they had more in plus size in the store.
  3. Thank you both! And your right you do have to have a sense of humor because they sure don't have many plus size samples! I'm going to check around at some bridal shops close by and see if I can find it. Thanks alot for the boost!
  4. I am a plus size bride, HATE clothes shopping, so of course wedding dress shopping is a nightmare! But.... I LOVE this dress and can not get it out of my mind. Has anyone seen this dress on a plus size person? Normally I wear a 18/20 in regular clothes. I'm hoping that the waist area will be slimming. Thanks for any help!
  5. LOVE the ring pops!! What a cute idea, I'm going to have to steal it!! The bags looks wonderful!
  6. I'm wearing a wedding dress, just not a real fancy one and my FI is wearing khaki pants and white shirt. This is the second marriage for me and my FI. We've both already had the big wedding (I had 10 bridesmaids), so this time we wanted to keep it more simple. Plus going on a cruise, I'm thinking about space issues. I just want something more simple and casual looking, but still nice.
  7. Thanks girls, maybe knee shorts and nice shirts for the girls. I also like the vest idea!! That sounds cool.
  8. We are having a casual beach wedding in Antigua and I'm wondering what to put my 2 bridesmaids in. I'm going to wear a long simple white dress and my FI is wearing the usual khaki pants and white shirt. Has anyone else had bridesmaids that didn't wear dresses, but something more casual? We're taking a cruise and getting off the boat in Antigua and going to the beach location for the wedding. I want it to look nice but real beachy casual also. Please post pictures if possible. Thanks!
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