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  1. I am heading to VIM next week for a wedding. Any info anyone wants me to check out or take pictures of? I know planning a wedding at a location you've never been to before can be difficult!! But it is worth it
  2. Has anyone been to any of the Karisma resorts in Jamaica? I had my wedding at a Karisma resort in the Mayan and I was suggesting to a friend who is planning her wedding to try out Karisma. I saw on their website they have 2 resorts in Jamaica now. Azul Sensatori Jamaica looks perfect for her. I was looking for any reviews or brides from there. Also they have another called Seashore Bay Beach...anyone been there? Thanks for any info!
  3. We just got invited to a friends wedding at the Valentin next January!! I am so excited to go after reading some of the posts on this thread! We were married at the El Dorado Royale and they sound like similar resorts in terms of service, food & fun
  4. We had it a donkey coctail hour at the Health Bar. It was a great location for it. Originally our cocktail hour was to be at Gazebo 555 right after our ceremony because the donkey was my husbands "ride" up the aisle! By the weather was looking like rain, so we moved it into the covered Health Bar. Here's a pic, donkey is on the right:
  5. I wanted to get some thoughts on what would be ok/appreciated to do for couples you know are going through fertility issues. I want to show my friend I am there for her without over stepping and they don't really make cards for this! Everyone showers new and to-be parents with gifts and cards, but what about those trying to become parents?
  6. We had the dinner on the beach b/c it was free with our package. It was a nice setting but by far the worst food of our trip. Lobster cappuccino was our appetizer! Tasted just like it sounds!!! And the food was cold b/c the restaurant it had to come from was far away. We enjoyed ourselves and it was an experience, but I wouldn't have paid for it. Also we were given another free diner for 2 on beach and a free sky massage for 2 with our wedding package once we got to the resort, so don't pre buy anything...you may get freebies to give away. We gave ours to our parents!
  7. Invited: 52 people in Feb RSVP'd: 29 people in April Actually came: 26 people in Dec We had one guest bring a friend/+1 and it was only b/c my cousin was traveling from half way around the world. Otherwise we didn't have or want any strangers at our wedding, just a personal choice. We had one couple pay the deposit, then drop out months before and one couple break up so the ex GF didn't come. We had no problem pairing up the 6 singles either to keep the costs down for them(double occ was cheaper). And like some other girls have said, you will prob be surprised who comes and who doesn't. Sometimes your "sure bets" bail and more "maybes" show up!! Lol!
  8. My mom has cousins named LaDonna, LaVonda, LaWanda! Think their mom was La Drunka?! And then their brother was named Carlos! Lucky to be a boy
  9. You may want to. I found it to be a tight schedule, and since DW are all about relaxing and enjoying the moment, I think it's better to start early and then hangout in an air conditioned room if you find your ahead of schedule. Also, an hour for hair, hour for makeup is just an estimate. My hair stylist/make up artist Rafa was wonderful and took her time to make me look amazing...but she did take her time LOL!
  10. For those of you switching from Royale to Casistas side...be sure to arrange your room transfer ahead of time...unlike me and my hubby! We thought it would be a smooth transition from one room to the next, but it was a bit of a mess and we spend the first day of our honeymoon without a room and with all of our stuff on golf carts, being transported from one reception to the next and back! It's like 2 different hotels when it comes to checking in and checking out so be prepared to be "roomless" from 11 am to 3pm!! Unless maybe you can prearrange an early check in or late check out. Wish we would have
  11. I had a noon appt for hair and makeup for my 3:00 ceremony and we had just enough time to get a golf cart back to my room, change and eat a quick snack of room service before the ceremony. Be prepared to wait for those golf carts!
  12. We loved the El Dorado resort in the Mayan of Mexico! Highly recommend them for service, food, weddings and location. They have family resorts too called Azul (El Dorado's are adults only)
  13. I flew Sunwing and I carried on my dress along with another bride on my flight. They didn't have a bin reserved for brides dresses and the other girl flipped out! Which was odd since she had a thin "destination" dress and I had a bigger traditional dress. We ended up just laying them flat in a large bin and other people had to put their carry on on top. The flight attendants refused to let her use "their" closet. My dress was fine when we arrived, so don't stress but don't expect special service! Sunwing is far from "great" service!!!
  14. We chose ClaudiaPhoto and they were amazing! Our photographer was Citlalli Rico and her team www.citlallirico.com/ and I just cannot say enough good things about her! She spent 3 hours with us from just before ceremony until cocktail hour so we could save on cost. Our wedding photos from her are unique and magazine quality!
  15. It rained on my wedding day and they wanted to move the ceremony inside, but luckily it stopped in time for our beach ceremony! The clouds made for amazing photos and no melting guests or wedding party! Also, everyone said rain on your wedding day is good luck
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