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  1. Thanks for the picture! We are getting married in the Riviera Maya in May and I have been stressing over the men's attire. We want linen suits and just checked out this exact suit at Men's Warehouse yesterday. My only concern is that I noticed a lined pattern on the back of the vest and we were planning on having the groomsmen wear vests and no jacket. Do you think this will look strange? Or be noticeable in pictures? Also, did you get the buy one, get the other for free deal? Thanks!
  2. Sarabin0812

    Wedding Webinar Schedule for 2013

    Are there any scheduled webinars for the Valentin Imperial Maya?? I'm having difficulty finding a lot of information for this resort and that is where we are getting married in 2014
  3. Hi! This is my first time posting on this site, although I have spent countless hours on it and found everyone's information to be extremely helpful. I am getting married in May of 2014 and finally chose a resort - The Valentin Imperial Maya. I have never been before, and was hoping to find an official thread. I am going to try to start one, unless one already exists somewhere else? Anyone else getting married here in 2013 or 2014?