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Tilly in the Sun

Our trash the dress pics are up (Tilly in the Sun)

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Here is the link to our trash the dress photos.  We used the amazing Heather Windsor and her assistant Dimitri Santos from Oshawa Ontario.  We were a little nervous about getting so intimate in front of the camera, but these two made us so comfortable.  I can't say enough good things about them :-)


  I also can't say enough how much I LOVE these pictures....I actually had more fun and felt more like myself on the trash the dress day than our wedding day  (less make up, more natural, more like merolleyes.gif).   If anyone is contemplating doing it, I say go for it!!  My dress didn't even get ruined....if anything it came out cleaner!!


Hope you guys like em!



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Beautiful pictures! Love the sun effect behind you...it's very angelic.

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