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Bridesmaids Dropping by the Day

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#21 foxytv

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    Posted 11 August 2007 - 09:21 AM

    Originally Posted by Stephanie 525
    Well no matter how you put it that just sucks! I think you have answered you own question by saying "dream" wedding. You are never supposed to give up on your dream. In the long run I guess it only matter that you two are there. I have known woman who can barely remember who stood to their left but know for sure who stood to there right, holding their hand.
    Very true Stephanie! My aunt told me once that my Mom is the oly BM from her wedding who she even talks to anymore.

    I can imagine, because 5 years ago, the "best friends forever"who I planned on havng as BM's are nowhere to be found.

    #22 RaydensMama

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      Posted 11 August 2007 - 09:32 AM

      I am so sorry about your BM leaving. I cant even imagine how horrible that must feel. This is one of the reasons we are not having a DW. I couldnt take any more people telling me that they werent going to come. I know in the end it is "your day" but I really wanted people to be there with me. I hope that everything works out for you!

      #23 PaulaV

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        Posted 11 August 2007 - 10:01 AM

        I am so sorry to hear that Shell. It sucks.

        Please don't second guess your decision to have a DW though. As Janet said, no one on this board regrets having a DW.

        It's about you and Amos.
        It will be perfect, with or without those BMs.

        #24 Heidi

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          Posted 11 August 2007 - 10:44 AM

          oh Shelley...I'm so sorry! People can really suck sometimes
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          #25 DreamsTulumBride

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          Posted 11 August 2007 - 11:06 AM


          I totally understand you ! 1st, it was only suppose to be our parents and us (and my 2 dayghters). Then my mom had a "small" fit and wanted me to invite my brothers... so I did ! Then both of them say it is too expensive. I waited for their answer before I reserved the hotel and guess what, waiting cost me 1400 $ (Canadian) ! The prices went up by the time they game me their answers. Then, one of my FI friend said he wanted to come. FOr the past few months he was still coming so just to be on the safe side, we invited all our friends...all want to come but they say it is too expensive ! What it is thses days with people ?? They want to come and then when you say they have to pay for their trip, they back out #$$%$$#. One week at dreams Tulum is only 1600$ (This is just before the holidays too!). Do they think a 1 week vacation at a 5* hotel is 800$ ?? The worst excuse was : why get married in December? Can't you do it at the end of January when I am fed up of the snow? I just answered that I picked the date because that is the date I wanted...just before the holidays since I just love that time of the year...so magical !

          When our friends said they were going, I started to imagine a wedding with all of those people around me... Now, I am back to our 1st wishes...just the parents + my kids. All this to come back to point A. But my mom is paying for my brothers airfare so they will need to just pay for the room. They are still complaning because they each want their room (they are adults by the way) ! If you say you can't afford it, don't be picky about it ! Being single in a room is the same price as being 2 !!!! And what is the problem about sharing a room to save a 800$.

          I would of loved to have two rooms...one for me, one for my kids but the price was 2600$ more !!!! We all what luxury but we all can't afford it...

          just venting here...getting the frustration out...I see I am not the only one..

          #26 TOESNTHESND

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            Posted 11 August 2007 - 11:30 AM

            It will all work out in the end because you will be married and that is what counts. One of our gm's (my brother) and his family can't come cause of money issues and now they have 5 kids. Everytime I think about I get super sad but I know that this will not stop me from enjoying the big day.

            #27 Alyssa

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              Posted 11 August 2007 - 01:04 PM

              Shelly - i am sorry to hear about your dissapointment - i don't have much more to say that already hasn't been said by all the other ladies but i am thinking about you and stay true to what you and Amos want this to be - this is about the two of you committing your lives to eachother - don't let them ruin it or make it about them! (dummies )

              #28 *JillD*

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                Posted 11 August 2007 - 01:08 PM

                I'm sorry Shelly! I think we all feel for you and have had some dissappointment with people bailing on our weddings. It makes me so mad! Maybe its because I love to travel that I would be so excited to be invited to a DW, I wouldn't even care about spending the money, I'd just be excited about it. Not to mention if it were any of my friends I would do everything in my power to save the money to go, its really not that much money when you have at least 6-8 months notice. None of my friends are coming to our wedding and it makes me really mad because I was in all of their weddings and spent an arm and a leg, I didn't ask any of them to be in our wedding because I would rather have them there, then spending money on BM stuff, but none of them are coming.

                In some ways I think a DW really makes you realize who your friends really are and who you can count on.

                You're going to have a beautiful wedding whether its just you & Amos or the two of you and 50 other people, the people that don't come are the ones that are missing out.

                #29 Jackie

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                  Posted 11 August 2007 - 01:36 PM

                  Dont give up! I am only having 2 maids of honors/bridesmaids and those are my sisters that I know are going. All you have to do is some rearranging of your planning. The one thing different about DW's is that you might not be able to have the big bridal pary you would have had at a local wedding. Some people just wont be able to come, you dont have to have a big bridal party to have a great DW!!!!
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                  #30 JulieG

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                    Posted 11 August 2007 - 01:43 PM

                    Shelley, this is your dream wedding, you said it yourself. You can not give that up for anyone. So you have 2 BM's, what is the big deal with that, you still have 2 great people standing up for you. All that matters is that you and your FH are there and you get the wedding you two are dreaming of.

                    I am pretty positive 1 of my BM's will not be coming, so I know how it feels.

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