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  1. I wore my dress at our AHR and so did the bridal party. I told them they didn't have to but they wanted my family to know who was a part of our wedding. We had our slideshow on repeat during the reception and the guests loved it. We had 170 family and friends, it was from 3-8pm on a Sunday at a golf club. All the aunts were so happy I wore my dress again, they were all teary eyed.
  2. I want kids but I would like to wait a year, which is not long but my family acts like it is light years away. Just because my brother and SIL have kids like rabbits doesn't mean we are going to. With that being said I will be 29 in Feb. and my DH will be 33 in Jan. so we are ready but we would like to at least get a condo before we get prego.
  3. Woo Hoo!!! I love baby news! Congrads to you and your DH.
  4. This is good info! My problem is that I have long lashes but sometimes the mascara is too heavy and weighs them down. Thankfully I went to Sephora before we left for Cabo and the girl suggested Super Nova. I love it and the girl used it herself and her lashes looked perfect!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride08 Beautiful pics! Where did you get teh BM dresses from? Believe it or not they are from David's Bridal, they were cute and not very expensive.
  6. I wanted to add that I was so thankful that I hired an outside WC for our wedding. When I first contacted PB Sunset (Laura Ortiz) for our wedding it took at least 2-2 1/2 weeks for an email. I knew there was no way I could deal with that for a year of planning. I know a lot of this is because she is over worked but I figured why make myself upset. When I arrived at the hotel Laura did not even met with me to over details of the food or set up which I did not really care about but it did bother me that she did not even greet me to see if I had any questions. She did call the after I got there to confirm that was my room but she said I did not have to met with her. I was confident in my WC so it was not a problem. I did like the fact that we were the only wedding there for the 7 days we stayed there. It felt nice to be the center of attention If anyone wants to be married in a chapel the one at the hotel was so beautiful in person, but I believe it only holds 50 or so people. Dreams- A We stayed at Dreams 7 days for our honeymoon. Overall we enjoyed the hotel and service. The staff was very upbeat and the activities were fun too. We snorkled, held leather back baby turtles and let them out to sea. We set up swimming with the dolphins through the hotel too. That was one of the best parts of the trip!!! It is worth the money if you are thinking about doing it. DH loved the fact that they had ABC, NBC and ESPN so we could watch college football while we were there. Go Trojans!!!!! We saw 6 weddings while were we there. It seemed like every night there was a welcome dinner or bonfire party or wedding. We didn't mind it though. Manuel Burgoin A++ Manuel seriously rocks!!! Again I can't say enough nice things about him. Him and his asst were early and came straight to the room. After a few intros he was snapping away while we were in the room. At first I was going to give him a list of all the shots I wanted, but after looking at his web site so many times I just said Natalie let it go and let him do his thing. I am happy that I did. He got all the shots I wanted and took some great detail shots at beautiful angles. We also shots some more photos with him on Sunday morning for about an 1 1/2. He took us to Pedgrel in the hills, Pedgrel beach and the marina. After we were done he asked hey did you guys have breakfast and of course we hadn't cause we were getting ready so we all went out to lunch. He took us to some local seafood place. It was so yummy. He told me he had just joined the forum and wa sexcited to see so many girls on here. He said wow there is a lot of you! DH asked him what he thought of others photographers in the area and he just said he trys not to worry about what others do, he just focuses on doing his work and keeping his clients happy. He said his people were already working on our pics from Friday and they have a bunch of computers and equipment at his studio. He delivered our pics to the WC as promised and I am very pleased with the results.
  7. Thanks girls! On of my BM's made my veil and I loved the way it turned out. Now I have to gear up for my AHR tomorrow, we are having 171 guests!!!!
  8. Here are a sample of some of the pictures Manuel Burgoin took for us. I highly recommended Manuel, not only did he do a great job he was very personable as well. My family and guests were impressed with him and his staff. The best part was I paid for express service and received my pictures 7 days after our wedding!!!! That is service!!!!
  9. We just got back from Cabo on Tuesday and I am back at work. I will be adding my pics later tonight after I restock the frig! Baja Cantina on the beach- A We had our welcome dinner here and it was a big hit. I worked with Mona who was very nice and professional with everything set up upon arrival. The service was good and the food was yummy. We had the taco plated dinner with two hours of open bar. We were seated on the deck area and they had music playing. Girls, make sure you bring your emails and receipts of payment with you! At the end of the night Mona had left and I had to deal with the bill that was incorrect and had to pull out my emails with Mona. They called Mona on her cell and it was taken care of quickly. Also make sure you tell the taxi drivers either baja Cantina dockside or on the beach. I had told both drivers on the beach and they took us to the dock side one. Opps! Mi Casa- A I switched our rehersal dinner from Edith's to Mi Casa at the last minute. I wanted all of our guests to come to the rehersal dinner instead of just the bridal party so I decided to go with a more moderatley priced menu. Mi Casa was great at getting back to me in just a few days before we left and emailed me our reservation number. They did not require a deposit and allowed all of us to order off the menu without restrictions. We had 23 in our party. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach- A All of our guests loved our hotel! They could not believe what a great rate we got on the rooms arranged by Tammy (Host). The hotel is not too far from town but far enough which made it perfect. The rooms are very large as well as the bathrooms and living areas. Many of our guests were upgraded to larger suites because they did not have any junior suites at the time of check in. Our room was awesome, thanks Tammy! It had two bathrooms, large bedroom, kitchen and living room. Our patio area was large enough to have a party on it with a jaccuzi. All the rooms have a view of the ocean and they have 4 pools all with swim up bar and food. They have a new pool at the top of the mountain the sky pool and it was beautiful. The resturants were of good quality too, I would say the only downside to the hotel is that they push the timeshares hard. As long as you can say a firm no, you are alright. All of our guests said they would go back again, I am happy they were all pleased. Baja Weddings- A+ Natalie was our WC and did a perfect job. I loaded up a small suitcase that I had her take down to the reception area. I felt bad cause it was a lot of stuff (Ipod speaker, coasters, candles, votives, menus, toasting flutes and cake serving set.) Natalie and April took everything down to the reception area and set things up. Everything arrived on time from the vendors, the tables looked great and I loved my flowers. They were exactly like the picture I sent. The cake was super yummy and the food was awesome. We had the international buffet, I made a few changes to it. The banquet manager was on top of everything and we ended up being under our bar limit. This is what I could work on for now, I will finish soon.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MoBride Dear Self, Why didn't you go to the gym 6 months ago like you were supposed to so that you would actually fit into your wedding gown? Dear Bridal Shop Owner, Why are you such a bitch? You told me the sample gown fit me perfectly and wouldn't need alterations even though I pointed out it was tight across my hips. Then at my fitting you told me it had to be let out and charged $320.00 for it! You told me it was a brand new sample that had only been on the manequin and no one tried it on. You sold it to me at a $300.00 discount, but it still cost over $1,000.00. Then at my fitting after the gown was paid in full, I found a stain on it and you told me what do I expect when I bought a half price sample gown that 50 other girls had tried on. Huh, where did you learn your Math? I paid $1,100.00 it was originally $1400.00. I thought nobody had tried it on Dear Wedding Guests, Why do you think a destination wedding is free? Why do you think a DW is somehow not real so you treat it disrepectfully? Why did you send your response card back saying you were going but then never booked or bothered to call me to tell me you changed your mind? I already have my seating chart done. You are ruining my sense of order! Dear Bridesmaid, Why can you not come to the Bridesmaid's brunch I am planning so I can thank you and give you your gift? Why did you say you can't because it's Mommom's birthday? She is my grandmother too and as far as I know there is no party planned and I am only planning a brunch so you can have the rest of the day to visit with her! Dear professor, Do you really think I am going to read 6 journal articles and 3 textbook chapters? I have another class I have reading to do and I work full-time and I have a daughter and I leave for my DW in a month and still need to make place cards and table name cards and pack and find jewelry to wear!!!!! Dear Daughter, Why is there a dirty band-aid behind our sofa? This is the funniest shit! Dear Forum, How come I have missed this thread it is awesome!!
  11. Gosh, you girls get busy!! At first we did it all the time, but then he was all about showing me he loved me but to him that ='s less sex. Then I tried to explain to him that we dont have to cut back on sex. He got the point and then things dropped a little when he was working graves and I worked 7-7pm. Now with the wedding coming very soon we are back on track for a while now at least once a week. We are both too tired for more than that right now.
  12. Nicole they turned out beautiful! I love that last shot.
  13. I did little things to try and compensate for spending so much money on my dress. I am bringing votive candles and candles holders(20), they wanted an amount that I just laughed at. I am not getting orderves because we are taking pics before the ceremony and I just want to get the party started! I am not decorating the tables at the cocktail hour or the guestbook table because I just dont care that much. I made the hotel do the bar at a set amount instead of them charging some crazy amount per person per hour. We bought the Bose dock for music instead of paying for a DJ. I bought my hair clips $18., shoes $40., purse $50., earrings $30. and veil hair piece $9.00 on ebay and they are perfect. One of my BM's is very talented and is making my veil. It cost about $59. total for the material. Not to mention the lace is beautiful and much nicer than the crap they tried to sell me at the bridal store.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Julesr Thank you so much for the templates. I saved them all. I need to get on this ASAP. You are making me feel bad cause you have soooo much done already. Your telling me!! I am going to the craft store today to get some pretty paper for these templates. I am trying not to freak out, but it is so close. I can't wait to leave!!
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