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Who is walking you down the aisle? Is it ok to choose no one?

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#11 Sax Lady

Sax Lady
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    Posted 01 July 2010 - 07:12 PM

    If your not that close, I say just do as you want and walk yourself down. Because he you decide to go the other route and really dont want to it could make you mesirable.

    #12 murmel

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    Posted 02 July 2010 - 12:52 AM

    It's your day! If you want to walk down the aisle yourself, then you should. I would not even bring it up with your father. Simply let everyone know where to be for the ceremony, and then make your stunning entrance! :)

    I am walking down the aisle with my sister! There is no right or wrong answers. At the end of the day you have to be happy and calm with the decisions you make, don't bring a situation into your wedding that would add stress.

    Best wishes and let us know how it goes.

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    #13 SDSteph

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      Posted 02 July 2010 - 02:38 AM

      I have seen so many brides walk down by them self! Super OK! I am walking down with my father. It will be pretty funny! Good luck
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      #14 Mrs Price 2010

      Mrs Price 2010
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        Posted 02 July 2010 - 05:41 AM

        I have a pretty good relationship with my Dad, but really want to walk down on my own - I just don't agree with the 'giving away' aspect, I'm not anyone's property! Lol!
        But I wouldn't dare say anything as I know it'll hurt my Dad, I'm just hoping to organise with the WC to remove the 'who gives this person away' bit in the ceremony. That way it will keep me happy and my Dad!
        Go with what you want - if your close to your Mum why not chose her! Best thing about a DW anything goes.
        Good luck

        #15 BachataBride

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          Posted 02 July 2010 - 08:25 AM

          I was in the same boat...The relationship I have with my father is not the best...it's not bad, it's just one of those special occasion phone call type of relationships! I woudl have been quite content with just my mom walking me down the aisle, but because there were no ifs, ands or buts about him coming to the wedding I decided to include him out of obligation. I didn't want to hurt his feelings by just having my mom at my side (they are split fyi!) But if you want to just walk alone I say do it! Or if you think it will cause that much stress...on both of you...then maybe have him walk you half way, then continue the rest of the way by yourself. Whatever you decide, make sure it is what you want. People will just have to deal with your decision...it's YOUR day afterall!

          #16 Cabs

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            Posted 02 July 2010 - 08:27 AM

            Hi Wagnergirls! I'm like Mrs Price 2010. I don't like the tradition of the father giving away the bride - it would make me feel like a piece of property too. I get on well with my dad and I have actually discussed this issue with him. Luckily he was quite happy not to walk me down the aisle. He said that he wouldn't want me doing something I wasn't comfortable with and that providing he gets to do a Father-of-the-bride speech he'll be more than happy as he's great at public speeches and really enjoys it! I would have had him walk me down the aisle if he didn't feel so OK with it. Anyway, I'm going to walk myself down the aisle although I'm thinking it might be nice for my fiancee to meet me half way and then we both walk down towards the alter together. To me this symbolises us starting our lives together as a couple. Good luck with whatever you decide!

            #17 Natie1971

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              Posted 02 July 2010 - 08:41 AM

              I have a wonderful relationship with both of my parents and since they weren't even invited to my first wedding (I found out I was getting married when I arrived at the chapel and he didn't even tell my parents, so they weren't there), I decided I wanted both of my parents to walk me down the aisle this time.

              I believe you should do as you please. It's your day. No one should make you feel uncomfortable for the decision you make.

              #18 Pazzesca

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                Posted 03 July 2010 - 11:01 AM

                when i was having an at home wedding, i was going to have my friend (who i call my brother) and my brother in law walk me down the aisle. this is because my dad died when i was 10 and my mom died when i was 22. now at 32 and having to change and rearrange my wedding plans i decided to walk alone down the aisle. i guess maybe cause i've made it this far mostly on my own, i can continue being strong and independent.

                i like the idea of doing things completely different than what others expect as something that has to be simply out of tradition. not to mention it's what i want to do. i recently went to a bridal dress appointment to try on dresses and i went completely with just my fiance in tow and no one else! i have 3 more appointments and my fiance and my sisters will be there with me. i would have it no other way!

                there is no way but your way!!

                #19 JesseLyn10

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                  Posted 03 July 2010 - 11:12 AM

                  My dad had major back surgery last year and was wheelchair bound for months. He has been working so hard in physio to be able to walk me down the isle!

                  I kind of want my mom to walk me down as well but don't want to steel his thunder. Is there any other way to include my mom in the ceremony? As of right now, my brother is going to walk her down the isle ahead of me but I'd like to do something special.

                  #20 Michelle-2

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                    Posted 03 July 2010 - 11:18 AM

                    I am tossing this one around myself. This is my second wedding. At my first, which was a traditional wedding, I had both my parents walk me down. (They were divorced at the time). This time around, nothing is traditional. I have an 11 year old daughter and thought about walking down with her, but I adore my step-dad also (my father died several years ago). I don't know, maybe I will walk alone. It is going to be a very small and intimate ceremony, so I guess it really dosen't matter.

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