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  1. Hey, that could be to harsed..but of course your just doing your part, 2 years of time is just too much before she'll tell you she can't afford it. Maybe it's an excuse if she tells you earlier than 2 yrs.
  2. The pictures are nicely captured. It seems like I also love to capture some moment with the camera.
  3. If I were the one to choose. Why not my father, isn't it the traditional one. That when getting married you have to walk with your father, but like my case i think my father can't do it for me 'cause he's already with God. Maybe I could try anyone else..If my mother could do it for me why not her..
  4. Love to see those flowers. It makes me happy always, I feel like my stress are all gone.
  5. The pictures are nicely taken it really captures the happy moment of the wedding. Not to say that sometimes the wedding wasn't happy but only to think there are always a time that your more happy with this part.
  6. It's a great pleasure for me to walk with my dad. Even with that kind of relationship stil he is your dad. He may not let you see that he was offended but deep inside he is.
  7. If you are to ask what's your favorite song. Are you going to sing if on your wedding.? Know what my favorite song is "Runaway" try it, it is also a good music for a wedding.
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