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  1. I actually would suggest you got with what the hotel has. We used the large sparklers and they were great. The reason is, they burn longer, which allows more time for photos, etc. They were very sturdy and extremely safe.
  2. I had flase eyelashes for my wedding day, I brought them from home and had the staff put them on.
  3. Here are our professionals from Cabo Azul... http://jimkennedyphotographers.com/jkpblog/cabo-azul-wedding-bethany-patrick/31230/
  4. Yes, we travel to Cabo often and always drink the water at the resort. I orginally asked if we could provide our own water bottles and were told no, but tap water was okay. We had a pretty high bar tab so I don't know if that made a difference or not.
  5. Another option is to serve tap water- we did this and had no mention or complaints from guests. It's also FREE!
  6. I am! I got married July 23 at Cabo Azul! Here are our photos! http://jimkennedyphotographers.com/jkpblog/cabo-azul-wedding-bethany-patrick/31230/
  7. Hi! Yes, I hired an outside coordinator. The reason I did this was because Cabo Azul was having high turnover in their wedding department. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't have hired her. Georgina, Maria and Rosalinda are wonderful and handled everything perfectly. I was able to contact my own vendors through my outside coordinator. I believe I got a pretty good price on flowers, but as far as everything else, it was similar to what the resort charges. Minister: Carlos Navas (Terrible, do not use him) DJ Ricardo Patino Emporio Floral Solo Guitar- Alonso Aguirre- he
  8. Hi Claudia, I got married at Cabo Azul on July 23 and it was amazing. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. I went with Suzanne and had a great experience. The trial was wonderful and really put me at ease. Her staff is amazing, I can't say enough great things about them! Absolutely worth the money!
  10. Suzanne Morel just launched a new company: http://linensthingsandmore.com/ When I was there in her office for my trial, I saw some of the samples. They are beautiful!
  11. We are hosting a welcome party in place of rehersal dinner at Don Sanchez Restaurant and Cantina (in San Jose del Cabo) for 75 guests, heavy appetizers and open bar for 3 hours. It's going to run about $2100 including tax and gratuity. I have a wheat allergy and the owner Tadd even offered several gluten free options! We are so excited!
  12. LisaandJeff, Georgina has been very responsive to me as well. We got rid of the signature cocktail idea becuase the cost was going to be on TOP of the bar budget. They also needed to know the specific number of cocktails... I would rather save that extra money to put towards to overall bar. What did she say about the dancefloor? I did a site visit last May and am happy to share my photos with you. Shoot me an email. blairbethany@gmail.com Less than 90 days for us and we're getting excited!
  13. I never saw anything about that? Did she tell you? Do you have to have a dancefloor?
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