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  1. Hi CAR Brides, I'm getting married at CAR in April 2012! I think I'm a little behind on my planning. I picked the date, booked the resort, that's about it! I'm impressed at how much you all have accomplished. So my questions is, did Georgina or Maria send you a list of the vendors they work with or did you seek out your own?
  2. Hi Leah51, Have u finalized all your details? Are you having a large, medium or small wedding? I still have to decide on flowers, music, officiant, etc. Would love to hear about what you've chose.
  3. Beautiful. Were the lanterns supplied by the hotel, your wedding coordinator??? I loved them.
  4. MikeandMew, So you're bringing your own water and they're basically going to charge u a $1.00 per bottle fee for bringin your own? Was this noted on your event contract or did u negotiate this after? How many guest will attend your wedding?
  5. Hi MikeandMew! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to hear from another CAR bride. Are u looking for a florist and photographer from the options the resort provided? I was told that they do not allow any outside vendors, only the ones they work with. ?????
  6. Hi BandP2011, I do have some questions: 1. Did u use an outside coordinator? 2. Were u told that u CAR was the only one who could contract your vendors? In other words, no outside vendors? 3. Any recommendations on how to cut cost? I have 100+ guest. Thank You
  7. Hi, I'm in the process of finalizing my contract with Cabo Azul Resort for our April 26, 2012 wedding, and would love to get some advice from any other Cabo Azul brides. Is anybody else planning a CAR wedding for later this year or early 2012? Claudia
  8. Are there any other CAR brides out there? I need some advice! Please help!
  9. Hi Lisa, I'm trying to finalize my contract with CAR for an April 26, 2012 wedding and I would love to get some insight on your experience. Can you email me or can I email you directly? I really need some advice. Thanks! Claudia
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