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  1. Update----Ok, I am willing to sell the torsolette for $30 SHIPPED to anywhere in the US. Just pm me if you are interested.
  2. thanks ladies! i contacted ez weddings in paradise right away, and within a couple hours they were able to make up a contract that included everything that i wanted for the ceremony in such a short time frame! I am really looking forward to working with this couple--they seem so nice and professional. thanks for the reccommendation!
  3. We had set a date with a wedding planner in key west, we were communicating daily, everything was looking great....then today i get the email that she wont be in town that day because she decided to schedule a video conference instead. Ok....so who do I go with now? Anyone have recommendations for key west wedding coordinators? We are just planning a small wedding for 10 guests/3children. we would like to have our wedding on smathers beach and keep the same date, august 25th. thanks in advance for any suggestions
  4. Thank you everyone for replying! I definitely feel more comfortable now with my decision to walk myself down the aisle! Like mlabbe, I think he will just sort of "understand," without any discussion about it before the wedding. He asked me what he should wear to the wedding, and I told him whatever makes him comfortable since it will be a hot, beach wedding. I also really liked the idea that some of you brought up where the groom meets the bride half way. that sounds so romantic and symbolic! I have never seen it done in real life, but I have talked to my fiance about it and this is what we are going to do! I also like the idea of "all eyes on me." because i am the type of person who is rarely the center of attention, it will feel nice on my wedding day. Thank you everyone for all of your help!!
  5. those look awesome! I may have to steal this idea, if i can just find the time to make it
  6. will anyone have some ivory and/or pink sashes available to lend out or sell? our wedding is august 25th, 2010! and i still have to figure out all of our decorations.
  7. Hello everyone! I have an extra Torsolette for sale size 42 C. It is brand new with tags from Davids Bridal, color is white. I ended up buying an ivory dress and ivory bustier, so i am offering this one here. This torsolette retails for $59at Davids. I am offering it at half off for $30 plus shipping. I accept payments via paypal. I will ship with delivery confirmation. Here is the item description: Beautiful full figure smooth satin tricot bustier. Light boning slims the waist and flattens the mid-section. This garment is designed to give you that perfect fit under all your strapless dresses. Adjustable and removable garters enable your look to create many fashion options. 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex. By Dominique. Satin Torsolette - David's Bridal
  8. great thread! Fi and I have 2 young daughters-ages 2 and 4. We decided to buy them little wedding rings as well, and present them duringt the ceremony, so the 4 of us are getting married to each other. Since mya is only 2, we are putting her ring on a necklace for her. We are not doing the sand ceremony, so I thought this was a nice alternative. the rings are something that can grow with the girls, and they can wear their rings just like mommy and daddy.
  9. congratulations! Only 9 days--how exciting!! remember to talk lots of pictures, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of the keys.
  10. So our wedding is coming up in August--and I would prefer to walk down the aisle by myself. However, my dad and his wife will be attending the wedding ceremony. I am worried about offending my dad by not asking him to walk me down the aisle, but we havent always had the best relationship. he is closer to my step sister than to me, and for a couple years we didnt even talk. Im not sure what to do. My aunt took the non-traditional route and was escorted down the aisle by her husband. We are not having a very traditional or formal event, but Im still not sure what to do. Who is walking you down the aisle? What do you think about choosing to walk by yourself?
  11. Hello Everyone! I am brand new to the site and would love to hear some suggestions from all of you. My fiance and I decided on a beach wedding in Key West (Smather's Beach). Now we are trying to decide where to go afterwards for a small dinner party. There will only be about 10 adults and 3 children (ages 2, 4, 7). We have never been to Key West before, so we do not have any first hand dining experience there. Basically, we would love to find somewhere fun with a nice bar, not too quiet or too fancy-- because of the young children--we want to relax and be comfortable, and good food. My wedding planner has Conch Republic Seafood and Rum Barrel listed on her website, any of you been to those places?? Open to all suggestions! Thank you
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