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  1. Hello Court39, Â I just got back in today. Everything was great and Christie-WC was great to work with. i had a very small wedding 12 for the ceremony and 9 for dinner. There were about 3 or so wedding also while I was there. I will post a detail review later. But I think you will like it and have a great time. Dont worry everything will work out.
  2. Hello everyone, Â I leave tomorrow and I just thought about picture poses. I know a lot of people mention to have the poses that you want ready for the photographers but I actually really dont know what kind of poses for the pictures expect for bridal party, family and us. I just want to know what poses did you request/ or want for your picture ablums. I hope this makes since. thanks
  3. congrats, and happy planning.
  4. Good luck thats usually a good sign when they ask you back for a second interview. GOD has ben plans in store for you. Keep us updated.
  5. Ireyes 07, If you go to the breezes website they have the packages on their its the same across the board at all of the breezes. When I first signed up they didnt really have packages but now they do, I'm just doing the free package and then you can add on little things you really dont get information until you contact the hotel. You can always call the number and get them to send you information. THe WC name is Christie Coley. Hopes this helps.
  6. I'm not sure of how big your wedding will be but can you use her as a host, Like you would have back at home. Or if that doesnt work maybe just let her get ready with you and the bridal party and she can feel included. Hope this helps a little.
  7. @court39 yes there seems to be wedding there but its not as popular as other resorts so I dont think they have that many. @sara3014 yeah I will look at the other spots too but my FI wanted a beach wedding and I think this is the perfect spot so its not right on the beach. I had saw a video on youtube that had a few different locations one was a garden spot my mom liked that but I didnt but as you said it might be different once there. We are having are recpetion in one of the resturants I think its casablanca because its just going to be 15 total so i didnt see the need to have a private dinner but we are doing to have a dj for two hours after my mom wanted us to have one so I said well lets just do two hours becuase four would be too long since its after the dinner and half the guest are staying at the other breezes so they would have to leave anyway. But I will keep you all informed.
  8. Congrats, i just so excited that I am not the only bride at this resort now. I think I like the gazebo because you still get the beach feel without random people around and from pictures that I saw the backdrop of the beach behind you is very nice. Also just wanted to add for all getting married here that you can review some pictures from the photographers on facebook under Picture perfect by superclubs. I know I was nervous about this part because you have to use their people but they take really good pictures I think its just because this is who they have a contract with so they dont want outside photographers. But I will defeintly make sure I do a review now especially since their are some that can relate. haha I didnt think their would ever be anyone on this forum that was getting married here but now i'm glad their is.
  9. Were only have a MOH and BM as were only have total 15 people that includes us. Even when I thought we might have a little more like 25 or 30 I still just wanted it small but even if I was having a wedding at home I think I would only have about 3 or 4 I never wanted a big bridal party and although my older sister was mad and I didnt care (mostly because its my twin that I chose, and she's always had a problem with our relationship). I told her i need someone in the audience haha. But I think if you dont want anyone dont because if you do just to make other people happy you wont be happy and thats when trouble starts.
  10. great stories ladies, enjoy the planning.
  11. I agree with both when I first looked and tired gowns on just too see that kept calling I ended up going back when my MOH was here and the plan was for both of us to try dresses on together to see how it looks and the sales lady was very rude didnt help my MOH at all ad then when i was finshed she kept trying to get me to order saying well you have to order by a certian date well first of all the dress i really wanted was discounted so i no longer wanted it and then you were very rude i was not gonna order from you and they still called for a few months. I know they want business but thats not the way to get it. And I guess it goes to show you that no matter what state or city their in they are the same.
  12. sorry you had to change your date and push it back a year but i'm glad you got the month that you wanted. everything should be fine and this gives you more time to work on all the details for what you want and also save more money that might be needed. Happy planning
  13. sorry to hear that. I hope your day gets better.
  14. sorry just getting this late but I hope your interview went well. please let us know how it went.
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