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  1. I know I am more than willing to change the dates around to accommodate everyone, its just that when we are changing them 2 or 3 times, its very stressful!
  2. NUMBER ONE! Â I love the dress and I love the way that it fits you. It is so pretty and shows off your curves!
  3. Yes I agree the pictures are so pretty! Not sure if I want to do pink and blue or pink and orange. All these pictures are just making it ten times harder!
  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I LOVE THE PINK AND ORANGE TOGETHER! Still haven't decided with my colors yet. I want pink for sure maybe pink and orange or pink and light blue.
  5. That is so cute. I would make post cards on vista print with all the travel agents info on it! I havent done mine yet but I heard that Vista Print has such good deals!
  6. gabishort34


    I am so glad that I started this! There is so much helpful info! Dont know where i would be without it!
  7. I'm so totally glad that it took other people for ever to decide also! I didn't know if it was normal or not! My favorite color is pink and my fiances is blue and i showed him pictures of hot pink and light blue and all he said was "that's not bad." Â AHHHHH HE NEEDS TO HELP ME!
  8. Never read it! Â Â Â The Bachlorette
  9. I have yet do to my STD's and im still undecided. I still havent pick my colors yet because i like too many combinations! is this bad? lol
  10. SO CUTE! They look awesome! I really like the colors. Congrats! Hope the married life is treating you well.
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