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Ok, so this is my first DIY. I'm not done with all of them, but once we got all the supplies, they are pretty easy to do!


Finished product (Updated)

Click the image to open in full size.

We used resume weight parchment paper, and burned the edges with a candle. The parchment is great because it burns slowly, so you aren't dealing with your invites going up in smoke immediately! The labels were also printed at home and burned, but they burn a lot quicker, so be careful! We punched a hole in the top of the paper to thread our bead decoration through, and to ease removal of the scroll from the bottle. I bought some coconut scented oil (like for burning to scent your house) and put a few drops on the flowers and under the cork. You can definitely smell it when you pull the scroll out. We put a few small shells and flowers from the craft store in the bottle for decoration, and voila!


I haven't finished them all, but I'm really psyched about how the first few came out!

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