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KarenM's Planning Thread!

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loved your planning thread.  You're so organized.  i love all the things you included in your welcome bags. i may be borrowing some of your ideas.  thanks!

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Originally Posted by bigboponthebeach View Post


Tons of pics and great ones at that! Thanks for sharing!


Um, I just saw your avatar pic! WHERE did you find that sock monkey? So freaking cute! 




Originally Posted by Teira1031 View Post


So much great stuff! You e-ring is amazing! Such a cute idea with the personalized converse, what did you wear them for? And I love the pair brushes to brush the sand off their feet! Your BD pics were awesome, I bet your DH loved them! Congrats on everything!


Thanks Teira! The converse were actually for FI. I designed them at converse.com & he wore them for the reception.





And yeah, he was a pretty happy boy with the BD book. I gave it to him on the day of the wedding (I wasn't around to see his reaction) & by a happy coincidence our photographer got there just in time to catch him opening it so we have some great pics of that!



Originally Posted by nessa0308 View Post


I loved your grooms' shirts so much (www.myguayabera.com), that I called Tammy today and she had me SOLD.  What a great organization to work with.  Cant wait to see the shirts in final production!!  Thanks Karen...


Nice!! They're great shirts and I think the guys all really liked them. DH bought one too & wore it to dinner one of the nights so they could totally be worn again in summer or on tropical vacay. :) And Tammy is terrific so I'm glad she's getting more business!




Originally Posted by mimi73 View Post


LOVE those clutches! Thanks sooooo much for posting the etsy site. I am ordering from there FOR SURE!!


I love those too. They're really nice quality and super reasonable price-wise. And Hope was great to work with. She gave me a ton of fabric options & was really responsive.  I still wish I had bought one for myself!


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Originally Posted by lesley_mexico_bride View Post


I love your talavera monogram/bag tags, how do you change the colors?


thanks, we found the tile vector & I made a border & changed the colors in Illustrator. I can email it to you if you'd like, but it's an Illustrator file

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Originally Posted by jonesr1979 View Post


Wow amazing thread! Love the sexy shots for your hubby :)


Thanks so much! Yeah, he was pretty happy with them :)

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