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  1. I got the same maracas and here is the link. You can send them an email and request a special color if desired and they will also mix the colors for you. I really enjoyed working with them. Here is the info: http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX700
  2. kya- Fernando is amazing and is well worth the money. Kelley sets up everything for you. Take inspiration photos. I was so nervous not meeting him beforehand, but I promise you, he's worth it. He spends about 2 1/2 hours (I have long hair) and I was so pleased with his work. I think he works exclusively with Las Caletas and owns his own salon in Bucerias. I havent heard any past brides compain about his hair/make-up. If you can swing the price, he's worth it.
  3. I purchase my maracas from: http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX702 You can email them a color and they will work with you. They had wonderful customer service and I would highly recommend them. I got the idea from another BDW bride off this site. I've heard a lot of ppl use this site.
  4. Chicago...I took one bite "for pictures" and I knew it was good, but so much was going on. Everyone was full by the time we cut the cake. But you've GOT to have a wedding cake. It's just part of the package. Here is a teaser for all those brides considering Las Caletas. I see these pictures and want to RUN back.
  5. Chicago - Yes, it was amazing. I was so worried about how everything was going to turn out and it was all so beautiful. I love our colors. I couldnt have asked for anything different. Our wedding was very small/private, but it worked out so well and everyone has been talking about it for weeks.
  6. I have to say, if you're considering a wedding at Karen's, it's a great place. We rented out a villa that was across the street from Karen's (LITERALLY 1 door down) @ Hacienda Camino al Mar and we saw a wedding taking place and it was beautiful. They did fireworks, had a great set up and looked so romantic. If I had known our villa was within walking distance from Karen's, I might have considered this location over Las Caletas where I did get married.
  7. My wedding was on November 3, 2010. The weather was FABULOUS. There was a slight breeze the entire day. The wedding reception, everyone was comfortable and loved having "pashmina's" to wrap up in. I would say that November is a great month for a wedding ceremony. Nobody was complaining about being hot or uncomfortable. I didnt need chair fans for anyone (thankfully I opted out of them). I was really happy with Eva's work (photog). She's super sweet, tries to get new/unusual shots while still capturing the most important shots that every bride wants. She's worth looking into.
  8. Ok, I just returned from my Las Caletas wedding. Amazing. Few pointers. Fernando is WELL worth the money. He does amazing work on make-up and hair. I was worried because I typically go "natural" and didnt want to look like a painted picture of make-up. He's truly worth every single penny. For anyone considering a photographer, I went with Eva Sica w/ photoshootsvallarta and she did fabulous work. I was a little nervous because everyone that I wanted was already booked. She's new to the area and had only shot one other wedding @ Las Caletas before mine. I got my pictures yesterd
  9. The bags have already been purchased. The maracas are still available. Please PM me your zip code and I can provide shopping cost if you're interested in the Maracas.
  10. Cams- I have started my planning thread, but I havent finished it yet. I've been keeping things stored (ha). There is so much to do and it's so exciting! I love reading other threads that I hope mine is helpful to those planning their weddings. Motivation is key....If you need a push, let me know! We cant chat about it over a 100 calorie pack (ha).
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