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  1. I got the same maracas and here is the link. You can send them an email and request a special color if desired and they will also mix the colors for you. I really enjoyed working with them. Here is the info: http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX700
  2. kya- Fernando is amazing and is well worth the money. Kelley sets up everything for you. Take inspiration photos. I was so nervous not meeting him beforehand, but I promise you, he's worth it. He spends about 2 1/2 hours (I have long hair) and I was so pleased with his work. I think he works exclusively with Las Caletas and owns his own salon in Bucerias. I havent heard any past brides compain about his hair/make-up. If you can swing the price, he's worth it.
  3. I purchase my maracas from: http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX702 You can email them a color and they will work with you. They had wonderful customer service and I would highly recommend them. I got the idea from another BDW bride off this site. I've heard a lot of ppl use this site.
  4. Chicago...I took one bite "for pictures" and I knew it was good, but so much was going on. Everyone was full by the time we cut the cake. But you've GOT to have a wedding cake. It's just part of the package. Here is a teaser for all those brides considering Las Caletas. I see these pictures and want to RUN back.
  5. Chicago - Yes, it was amazing. I was so worried about how everything was going to turn out and it was all so beautiful. I love our colors. I couldnt have asked for anything different. Our wedding was very small/private, but it worked out so well and everyone has been talking about it for weeks.
  6. I have to say, if you're considering a wedding at Karen's, it's a great place. We rented out a villa that was across the street from Karen's (LITERALLY 1 door down) @ Hacienda Camino al Mar and we saw a wedding taking place and it was beautiful. They did fireworks, had a great set up and looked so romantic. If I had known our villa was within walking distance from Karen's, I might have considered this location over Las Caletas where I did get married.
  7. My wedding was on November 3, 2010. The weather was FABULOUS. There was a slight breeze the entire day. The wedding reception, everyone was comfortable and loved having "pashmina's" to wrap up in. I would say that November is a great month for a wedding ceremony. Nobody was complaining about being hot or uncomfortable. I didnt need chair fans for anyone (thankfully I opted out of them). I was really happy with Eva's work (photog). She's super sweet, tries to get new/unusual shots while still capturing the most important shots that every bride wants. She's worth looking into. The only complaint out of anyone was the stairs heading up to the casita. It's a short little hike and someone with bad knees might have a problem (as my aunt did). Some said that they didnt want to go up and down to go for activities b/c it was too exhausting. Tips for the casita: if you plan on taking a shower, make sure you bring your own products, there wasnt anything there and Fernando wished that he start with clean/washed hair. He will blow dry. There isnt a lot of room or outlets, bring an extra extension cord and or outlets if you have several gals getting ready. If you want to use the hot tub, make sure to tell Kelley to have it ready....we had to fill it up ourselves which took a little bit of time to do.
  8. Ok, I just returned from my Las Caletas wedding. Amazing. Few pointers. Fernando is WELL worth the money. He does amazing work on make-up and hair. I was worried because I typically go "natural" and didnt want to look like a painted picture of make-up. He's truly worth every single penny. For anyone considering a photographer, I went with Eva Sica w/ photoshootsvallarta and she did fabulous work. I was a little nervous because everyone that I wanted was already booked. She's new to the area and had only shot one other wedding @ Las Caletas before mine. I got my pictures yesterday and was MORE than happy with her work. Oh, and she's SUPER reasonable. Once I get a little more time, I'll share the photos. Just thought I'd throw in some quick comments.
  9. The bags have already been purchased. The maracas are still available. Please PM me your zip code and I can provide shopping cost if you're interested in the Maracas.
  10. Cams- I have started my planning thread, but I havent finished it yet. I've been keeping things stored (ha). There is so much to do and it's so exciting! I love reading other threads that I hope mine is helpful to those planning their weddings. Motivation is key....If you need a push, let me know! We cant chat about it over a 100 calorie pack (ha).
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