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  1. Sorry....so long to reply!!! They are called invitation brads....ordered them on line.....LCIpaper.com. You can also do a search for invitation brads
  2. I was torn between the starfish and sand dollars....but I the story of the starfish got me......sand dollar story is too religious for me! For our tables we did not use numbers.....we used areas of Mexico....particularly places we have been. Framed diffent beach scenes w/ the different area names. Starfish place card holder
  3. We created this on vista print....super easy but time consuming if you don't have something to go by to organize your thoughts...hope this helps
  4. I know they where such a "score".....unfortunately I got them on the east coast at the christmas tree shoppe last summer....
  5. this is our welcome letter and events.....printed it on really tropical paper that I got at staples welcome letter and itinery with the flower mono on 2.docx
  6. Hey.....the resort photog take tons of pics and you look at them and pick the ones you want. I opted out of the video and got 25 more prints. The photog and video is a few before shots but basically the the ceremony.....with some shots after of bride and groom, family, friends etc. They stay a bit through the cocktail but that's it. I'm sure anything is negotiable for a price....or you could hire and outside vendor which you will need to pay either a day pass for or one night stay.....you have to work that out with the WC. We where very happy with the pics from the resort photog. As far
  7. I got them at the Christmas Tree Shoppe.....I think they are just on the east coast. How many would you need??? I think I have about 7 or 8 left.
  8. this is a bunch of stuff......welcome letter, key card holder, spanish phrase cards, readings (non-religious), trivia game etc These two docs are the letter and trivia game (of course you would change the names...lol) that was read and played in the van ride down to the resort.....6 vans....T-shirts given to the person who answered the least amount correct......T's made on Vistaprint, of course!!!! Key card template....not sure how good! Reading we used We used really tropical beachy stationary for the welcome l
  9. We got married on 10/2/10, just getting around to getting these pictures posted…..so sorry….I got so many awesome ideas from the gals on this forum, I’ve got to pay it forward. Lots of ramdom and organized stuff…..lol….!! This is my planning thread!!!! This was my inspiration for my colors and the florist did an amazing job reproducing this in Mexico This is a picture of the pre-departure boxes I sent to all my guests 2 weeks before the trip…..They had The travel brochure (created on Vistaprint), Spani
  10. Here is a copy of my welcome letter with our intinery for the weekend......hope this helps!!! welcome letter and itinery with the flower mono on 2.docx
  11. I carried it on........in my review I comment on how TERRIBLE AIRTRAN is. Some of this is due to how they regarded me with my WEDDING dress. They jammed it into an already stuffed overhead on the first leg of the trip. Good thing my package included steaming our wedding attire!!!! Hopefully you are not flying airtran but if you are arrive very early and just stake your claim of the overhead!!! One flight attendant was about to take it and check it.....thank god one took pity on me.......so wrinkled or under the plane, hopefully making to mexico!! Wrinkled was better
  12. makes me kind of sad......but I smile everytime I think of the week or look at a picture----made great long lasting memories, not just for my wedding but spending such a fabulous weekend with my family and friends!!!
  13. I got the maracas is all pink and orange. I got them online at amols.com I called the customer support line to ask about specific colors. They were awesome, easy to deal with and had them in a couple weeks time. I think they were $1.99 a pair....I thought that was a steal.
  14. this is a set up on my table at home.....looked beautiful all lit up with table all set up at the resort!
  15. Oh Wendy the pictures are gorgeous!!! I love you accessories!!!
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