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For some reason it wont let me upload our welcome letter but here is what we did:


Our Monogram at top





Dear Family & Friends,


The wait is finally over! Welcome to sun, sand & relaxation! Welcome to Punta Cana! We are both so happy & feel so blessed to be able to have you here. We are especially honored that you have traveled this far to be a part of our marriage celebration!


Marriage is not a culmination; it is a beginning of a life that will grow and change in ways more wonderful then we can imagine. Many years from now when we look back upon our life, love, and this day, we will remember that it is not the flowers, music, nor food that made our day so special; our memories of sharing the beginning of our lives as husband and wife, our family and friends, will be what we cherish the most. Having you here for our celebration has made our wedding truly wonderful and we thank you for sharing in one of our happiest occasions!


We hope the next few days are as memorable for you as they will be for us! Please enjoy the “goodies†as a small token of our appreciation!


With Love & Appreciation,

Eddie & Christina




i got the body of the letter from some of the girls on this site and then just tweeked here and there to make it more appropriate for us!

There was so many of you who around about the same wording posted so thank you to all who did!

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Great letter!!! Sounds exactly like mine, with names changed of course. I can't remember the bride I borrowed it from on here. Isn't BDW awesome!!!!! Our letters rock!

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