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  1. wallabymeisje

    This is it!! 150!!!

    good for you i am close and that makes me happy
  2. wallabymeisje

    150th post!!

  3. wallabymeisje

    Anyone get salsa dancers??

    did you check with your resort on what entertainers you can have salsa lessons seem like so much fun
  4. wallabymeisje

    Beach Olympics event

    i am afraid of overplanning so i am trying to do less so i can enjoy my time at the resort more
  5. wallabymeisje

    Getting ready songs

    i never thought of this either one more thing for my to do list lol
  6. wallabymeisje

    Post your "Must Have" wedding songs

    thanks so much for these lists i needed some ideas and you women gave me plenty
  7. it looks like you had a blast!!!!!!!!! thanks for the great review
  8. wallabymeisje

    Timing your walk down the aisle.

    i think music is something you shouldnt worry about until your rehearsal even then it might not be perfect the day of but it tstill will be great
  9. wallabymeisje

    DJ vs Band

    i am big on certain versions of song so i am doing a dj with live music during cocktail hour and the ceremony
  10. wallabymeisje

    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    i wish i knew friends of the family are musicans so they are planning the cermony music i wasnt worried but as the date gets closer i am begining to
  11. wallabymeisje

    lime green center pieces

    that first bunch is breathtaking wow
  12. wallabymeisje

    Reception Entrance Songs

    we are doing get this party started by pink
  13. wallabymeisje

    Sky Lanterns!

    just be careful they do take awhile to take off
  14. i want to do cupcakes but i want it still to look traditional