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  1. Thank you, I LOVE them. Actually, I got the pink. My dress is diamond white and the champagne wouldn't go will. I will be wearing a pink flower on in my hair!
  2. I wanted a peep toe shoe, but I saw these and fell in love. Someone on here posted them in champagne so I owe thanks to her!
  3. It will be beautiful, no worries girl. Enjoy you special day! Can't wait to hear all about it.
  4. So, can anyone recommend a good and not overly expensive photographer? My future father in law who is a photographer was going to shoot the wedding as gift for us, but decides to tell us on Sunday that he can't do it. Are you serious???????? Two months notice and now I have to book a photographer. I am aware of a few like Marcia Roberts and Saad, but not sure of their rates. any suggestions would be great. Thanks ladies
  5. Hey Tiff, I was thinking of doing the same thing. Mine is at 5 because we aren't going to have a cocktail hour, but now we are and i don't want to feel rushed. I am pretty sure it can be done without any major issues.
  6. I am so sorry about you losing your mom. I am really sorry about your dad and him not coming. I think that is so wrong, no matter how his wife feels about it. You are his daughter and I am so sorry he won't be there. No matter what you are going to have a wonderful day and as long as you and the groom are happy, then forget about everyone else. I think the Grand only offers the free wedding. I am glad you have people booking, unlike me. Sometimes simple and modern is a little more elegant anyway!
  7. Does anyone have a photos of the disco @ the Suites? Also, does anyone know if it can be decorated? Thanks
  8. Thanks girl! I know it will. With less people there is a lot more I can do that I wasn't going to. I am a silver lining kind of girl! How long are you staying down there again? Maybe we will see each other.
  9. Hey Tiff, I am so sorry none of your sisters are going, but thank God for you mom. Your day is going to be beautiful no matter what! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see your pictures. I am happy as long as the groom, our daughter and parents show up. I know it's going to be a wonderful day regardless.
  10. That is exactly what it means. I lost a bridesmaid, ring bearer and 2 flower girls. I am really disappointed because he is my only sibling and I know he really can afford it; I just don't think he wants to shell out the money. My mom is really upset with him, but I am not going to let that ruin my day. I am sorry your family dropped out. I have coworkers coming and not my own family. I am really thankful for my mom and my friends, they have been a great help!
  11. My mom is so cool, she really just wants it to be special and I think she feels bad that so many people are cancelling that she is trying to make sure I get the day I deserve. I am really lucky to have her and thankful for all of her help. I really would like the sit down reception, but I am not totally against her idea. I just want everyone to enjoy it. I am going to ask the coordinator about a reception on the beach. I will let you know what I find out.
  12. So it is looking like I am not going to have a private reception at one of the restaurants (guest keep cancelling) because I will probably only have 20 adults. My mom wants me to have everything else if i don't have the private reception. The cocktail hour, dinner, bonfire with the fire dancer and then rent or go to the disco.I told her I think that is a lot. She said she thinks it would be fun and different. I wanted to ask you ladies what do you think. One note, she is paying for it all, but she isn't holding it over my head. It is my decision. I was thinking of maybe having my reception on
  13. I am having fun or at least trying to. I can't believe it's only 3 months away, I can't wait! On top of everything else my brother said he isn't coming and it's sad because my sister-in-law and niece and nephew were in the wedding. He paid for the rooms and got their passports so I was sure he was coming. It cuts out some of my wedding party, but I have decided i am going to enjoy MY day no matter who is or isn't there. I'm just happy it didn't print my programs yet!
  14. Congratulations! Glad you had a wonderful time; can't wait to see the photos.
  15. If one more person cancels it looks like that is what I am going to have to do. I wanted a private reception, but I think I can make the disco work.
  16. From what I remember reading on an earlier thread, the bonfire is Thurday nights.
  17. That's a great question. I hope someone answers because I was just thinking of that the other day.
  18. Thanks for the encouragement. I really don't care about the amount of people that attend, but just be courteous. I have definitely decided to focus on other things that I can control!
  19. Ladies, I was just talking to my mom about how frustrating waiting for RSVP's is. My RSVP date is August 9 and I have not received one RSVP; not even from people saying they are not coming and I sent out 80 invitations. I did not count the guest that booked early because I know they are coming. I have projects and things I want to work on and I am hoping that by August 9 the RSVP's will start rolling in. I have 25 people guaranteed and if that is all we get, then that's fine!
  20. That's a great deal. I am still trying to find my shoes; I already have my dress. You will look beautiful no matter what size you are. Everyone can't and shouldn't be a size 4. I know what you mean, some on my family is the same way. I want to slim down a bit for myself, not them. If I don't, then oh well, I know we are all going to look beautiful for our speacial day! BTW, I love retailmenot!
  21. I love them! Where did you get them, fuchsia is my color as well? I don't think you need something more formal. Is your dress really formal?
  22. Eholt, You are awesome! Thank you so much for your reassurance, all us future brides need it! I loved your review of the suites and I saw the pictures on Rachel's page. You looked amazing. I am so bummed that she is booked for my day, so now I have to find a makeup artist. I have less than 5 months to go and I can't wait!!!!!!
  23. She also said that if the florist is the just coming to drop off the flowers and not staying the whole day, then the vendor fee would not apply.
  24. I asked Nicole and she email me and said that was fine. I would double check with her.
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