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  1. Everything looks great Teira!!! Those are my colors also...congrats!!!
  2. The green is pretty. I like the personalized pashmina idea as well. Happy planning.
  3. Adenen16 your wedding/reception was beautiful. I am sooo jealous I hope my wedding(10/8/11) turns out just as nice. Thanks for sharing and Congrats!!!
  4. I agree WTF!!! My travel agent keeps trying to coax me into having my guests buy their tickets now because the price is not going to go down. I am getting married in October so we have some time.
  5. HI, I reside upstate NY near West Point and I am getting married on October 8,2011 @ Dreams Punta Cana. I am very interested in dong a BD session. Can you give me more details about the group session? Thanks
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