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Del Sol Photography

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We just got married 1 month ago today, and a few days ago we had the pleasure of receiving a slide show that told the story of our wedding.


Sol, our photographer, and her assistant, Jonathan, did an absolutely fantastic job!! They were professional and fun, and besides helping us create memories from our wedding, they played along during the reception and were an absolute delight to work with. Really, I cannot say enough good things about this company. Our pictures are amazing, and truly captured the emotions of the day. I was so happy I'm sure it was hard to get my facial expressions in a pretty moment when I wasn't crying or screaming or laughing, but Sol did it well, and I have really lovely pictures. It was so fun playing with Sol's ideas, sneaking up on some pelicans, pretending to smoke a cigar, etc.. and they are all so awesome. Look at their website for proof.


Some might be shocked at first by the prices (as my husband was) but I can assure you that you get what you pay for, before the wedding, on the day of the wedding, and after. I really didn't have too many requirements and was pretty laid back about the whole thing, but I know they accommodate brides and people who want specific shots, because I had a phone interview a week before the wedding to go over these details. Del Sol really is an investment, for happiness and memories. Every time I look at our pictures I get lost in the moments of a month ago... and we haven't even seen all the pictures yet!! I already can't wait to look at these pictures when my husband and I are old and gray, and we can look back upon our beautiful youthful days.

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Originally Posted by FutureMrsRobart View Post
I have tried contacting them twice off of their website contact link but no response. Is there a phone number that anyone knows of? TIA :-)
Hi there! Wondering if the link maybe didn't work... Try emailing info@delsolphotography.com--Melissa at Del Sol has always been super prompt in getting back to me etc.,

I can't stress enough how great Del Sol is, will be one of your best wedding decisions seriously!!

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