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  1. Hey, We booked them thru the resort. I just told the WC that we wanted them and she made it happen. Closer to the date she asked about an exact time. There were 3 people. One female dancer (who was FABULOUS), one male dancer and then the 3rd guy blew the conch shell and played the instrument. They each performed, let Nay (my husband) have a try in between and yelled congrats after the grand finale :-) Funny thing is, we were at the resort during Cinco de Mayo (sp?) so a few nights before our wedding the resort had the fire dancers perform to celebrate it. So it was pretty wicked to have them there just for us and to experience it that close. We got great pics. They had a couple of them in the slide show I posted earlier :-) But Iong story short, we LOVED them :-)
  2. Not a long song at all. It is literally like a 1-2 minute walk LoL and you are totally hidden. They line you up on the North walkway of the Oceana/Seaside Grill restaurant. You take that left which is still totally shielded by the palpalas and then you will take the right (which is when you come into veiw) to start to walk towards the ocean- which is your "aisle". My husband did the whole Prince Williams thing - so he faced the ocean with his back towards me until I was literally by his side :-) He could hear everyone "Awwwing" and his best man was telling him "She's almost here etc" and he was all smiles and teary when he finally turned and got the "first look" :-)
  3. Hi there, I would definitely request the North end of the beach (in front of the 1000 block?Oceana side). Its slightly more private. The other end you literally have to walk past the swing bar, and then around the beach playground that they have set up. I don't even know why they have that as an option :-s
  4. Hey, We had the fire dancers and to be they were worth every cent. $420 for 15-20 minutes, 2 dancers and the drummer and it was HOTT! Our guests were totally surprised, they let my husband to a little fire dancer 101 and it was a gr8 way to finish up dinner. The minute they were done - the DJ kicked in and the party began. It was a good lead in to get the dance floor hopping. :-) I think its little touches like that that make your day even more memorable. The kids LOVED them and our guests are still talking about getting to see them so up front and personal.
  5. We did have tooth paste, mini white tooth brushes and adding to the list lotion, a mini-sewing kit, shower caps and mini mani kit that had a nail file :-) Robes and Dreams slippers were also provided. For some reason I don't remember conditioner but thats probably because I brought my own lol
  6. They never even took a deposit for me LOL I mean ZERO dollars until I actually got down there, got married and checked out of the hotel to come home. As long as you have your date, times confirmed in writing (email), I wouldn't even study it.
  7. It is pretty rough LoL 4 Wise Men (4 J's) Johnny Walker, Jim Bean, Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo :-s Yes we'll have to aim for a date sometime in the future :-) Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsay in love LOL it's true...I escaped unscaved...but I will never forget those three wisemen Melissa...worst shot I've ever had in my LIFE! An eye for an eye eh? I do owe you a shot...your choice...hopefully back at DRC one day on an anniversary! LOL
  8. OMG - it was wicked. I was in Desires and Lisa approached me. It was TOO funny. Both our now husbands we're looking at us like we were a little off for hugging and chatting it up with "somebody we never met" lmao As for Miss Lindsay, lets just say she's due to have a little tequila shot with me at some point. She had me take one with her THE night before my wedding swearing up and down she would do one the night before hers lmao Lets just say that didn't happen LOL Probably why she was such a vision on her wedding day :-) Both such lovely ladies and it was so gr8 to meet them and put a face to a name :-)
  9. Thanks :-) Bouquets were real touch from Amanda Floral Studios in Kentucky. I ended up substituting my bouquet (included in the Ultimate Package) for 2 junior Bridesmaids bouquets so that worked out gr8. LOVED the runner too. We went through Jennifer @ originalrunner.com. its neat b/c instead of the guest book that tends to collect dust afterwards - we're taking the runner with all the signatures around the wedding monogram to get mounted, framed and then we'll hang it over our fire place :-) Glad you liked it.
  10. Hi hun - I used EW for the hot pink garland on the chuppah, the blue chuppah linens, chair sashes, lounge furniture and the ceremony aisle florals which we reused on the reception tables :-) We also used them for the lycra column lighting. I would recommend Raff without hesitation.
  11. We used the resort DJ. I sent him a VERY detailed list and he d'loaded everything and had it ready to go. Actually what I did was facebook/bbm all my guests, asked them to send me their top 5 all time favourite songs and sent that to DJ Neri. He didn't deviate and was fine at MC'ing. We had a blast :-)
  12. Woops the other link LoL http://080511robart.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/robart-1/
  13. Hey My Lovely's, We're back from an AMAZING stay and wedding at DRC. Honestly, the entire trip was a dream. We arrived and immeditely after giving our names at check in, the ushered us to VIP check in at the Preferred Club where we were upgraded from Ocean View to a Ocean Front Honeymoon Suite. We were able to see so many weddings and had a fabulous view (Room 2301). The romantic dinner on the beach (included in the Ultimate Package) was to die for. Veronica was our WC and she was phenomenal to work with. EVERYTHING that I asked for was nailed for the wedding. I honestly cannot say enough about her. I used EW Cancun for our outside vendor and Raff was also a dream to work with. We traveled down with 34 guests and they are all still talking about the "happy high" they are still on from their stay there. The food was good, rooms great, resort is kept immaculate and they honestly made me feel like a princess the entire 10 days that we were there. I got to meet Lisa and Lindsay a few times and I believe Ursula quickly when we were leaving Desires on our wedding night. They were GORGEOUS brides and so lovely to chat with. All my girls were happy with the job that the salon did on their hair and we had a MAC makeup artist fly down to do all of our make up. The entire wedding day went off flawlessly and it truly was magical. I don't get on here nearly as often as I would like to but I know hearing feedback from past brides always made me feel better especially in the final weeks leading up to May 8th for our wedding. Good luck to future DRC brides and I can say without hesitation, based on our wedding, you can choose this resort for your wedding with confidence. Here are the slideshows for our wedding and the TTD. Elina from the resort shot both :-) http://080511robart.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/robart-2/ Hope that helps. PM me if I can offer any additional assistance. Cheers, MRS. Melissa Robart :-)
  14. We're heading to the airport in a few hours :-) Super psyched. Be seeing Miss Ursula & Miss Lindsay soon for our back to back to BACK weddings :-) Can't wait to meet you's. Bermp BERMP!!!
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