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The Kennel lost my parents' dog!!!

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#1 DRB

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    Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:02 PM

    This has been such a horrifying experience and completely unbelievable! Last Sunday my parents left for Florida and dropped their dog Bailey off at the kennel. About an hour afterwards the kennel took him for a walk and lost him!!!

    I don't want to blame the kennel since it was an accident and they've been doing everything possible to find him but it's been such a nightmare! I guess that they have kids who walk the dogs and this one 11 year old took Bailey out and while he was bending over to pick up some poop Bailey slipped out of the leash they were walking him with. From what my Dad told me they took off Bailey's normal collar and used a no-slip collar/leash, I have no idea why they would do this but obviously it wasn't a very effective no-slip leash! The kid tried to catch him but Bailey got scared, bit the kid and ran off into the woods (Bailey is shy and not very friendly with people he doesn't know, he's a Shar Pei and this can be characteristic of the breed). It's a pretty rural area so no one knows exactly where he went. He hasn't been seen since even though we've been searching every day, have contacted the Humane Society, the city, radio stations, have put up flyers, have taken out newspaper/Craigslist/Kijijii ads, spoken to farmers in the area etc. My parents got the earliest flights home that they could and have also been searching every day.

    We're just so sad and left with so many questions like 1) why was a young kid walking him and 2) why didn't they keep his collar on since it has his ID on it (at least he's also microchipped). I was also pretty livid earlier this week when I got home to find a message from the kennel owner on my answering machine. It started by saying that he was looking everywhere and thinks that Bailey must be at someone's house or farm. Then he proceeded to say that he wasn't happy that I used the kennel name in ads looking for Bailey since it's "bad for business"!!! Umm, excuse me? 1) I was using your kennel as a frame of reference for where the dog was lost and 2) YOUR KENNEL LOST HIM!!! I couldn't believe it! I never blamed them or said anything bad about the kennel, the least they could do is own up to their mistake! Unbelievable!

    It's been almost a week and we're still holding out hope. If you know anyone in the Ottawa area that has found a dog please contact me! Here is all of the information:

    Please help and share this with anyone you can!

    LOST DOG Richmond ON/Ottawa Area: Bailey, black, Chinese Shar Pei, neutered male, 9 years old, ~40 lbs, not wearing a collar. He is shy so may not come to you if you approach him or call to him.

    Bailey got loose while out on a walk Sunday morning (March 28th). Last seen near the Huntley Road area in Richmond. If you are in the Richmond area and see him or know of anyone who might see him in that area please call Melissa at 613-314-5365, or the kennel at 613-838-4478, or the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-9998. He is extremely important to us and we miss him!

    Reward for his safe return!!!

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    #2 tracy0716

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      Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:15 PM

      Aww Mel this is horrible!! I love my dog so much and I would be devastated if he got lost especially if it was by the kennel that was supposed to be watching him. I agree that a child should not have been walking Bailey nor should they have taken off his collar with her tags. This must be so frustrating for you and your family. Keep trying to stay positive (he is microchipped) and most people are kind and will take care of your dog if they find him. Good luck and I hope you get good news soon!!

      #3 Sax Lady

      Sax Lady
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        Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:18 PM

        Oh no i'm sorry to hear that I hope you find him sooon. I know how important pets are I lost(passed away) my little Roscoe last aug and still not over it.

        #4 Oryx

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          Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:30 PM

          So sorry to hear about this, that is terrible! I know pets are like family... I hope they find him.

          #5 Island Bride

          Island Bride
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            Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:44 PM

            oh my gawd! I feel so bad for you and your parents! In my family our dogs are treated better than the kids so I know what your talking about. I just pray/hope they find him! So sorry!!!


            #6 LadyTrunck

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              Posted 03 April 2010 - 10:15 PM

              OMG I'm so sorry to hear this!!! I don't know what I would do if my dog got lost... they truly are family. Hoping for his safe return!

              Oh, and what a Jerk that kennel owner is. I hate when people try to turn things around when THEY did something wrong!
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              #7 wendyjd

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                Posted 03 April 2010 - 11:02 PM

                Oh, how awful. I hope he is found safe and secure. Glad he's microchipped.

                #8 midnight24

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                  Posted 04 April 2010 - 03:07 AM

                  oh my goodness...that is terrible. i'm so sorry to hear this is happening. i hope they find him. keep us posted.

                  sending out some good wishes to your family.

                  #9 jackie_c

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                    Posted 04 April 2010 - 03:36 AM

                    I'm so upset to hear this! The young boy walking him should have at least been supervised by a worker from the kennel, as it is their responsibility to watch out for the dogs in their care.

                    Keep your hopes up. Dog and pet lovers of your community, and on craigslist, etc are a network of people that look out for each other, and I hear found dog stories all the time on there. I pray yours will be the next returned dog!

                    #10 Jessica

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                      Posted 04 April 2010 - 09:41 AM

                      That is horrible. Fingers crossed for his safe return!

                      The kennel totally needs to take more responsibility in losing the dog. At least he's microchipped so hopefully someone spots him and picks him up.

                      That kennel sounds totally irresponsible in letting a child walk the dog unsupervised. For both the safety of the dog and the child that just doesn't seem like a good idea.

                      Let us know what happens!

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