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  1. Heres another one, wasn't able to add more than one for some reason tonight..
  2. Peach, I wore this for my wedding last October in Jamaica. It was heavy carrying it around the day we traveled (but I had another one for my ttd); however it was NOT heavy for the wedding itself. I love it. Wish I had a reason to wear it again.
  3. Mrs Gun, just saw a couple pics on Marcia's FB page... look great!!!!
  4. The Octoberfest in our town starts in late September. Some years its entirely in Sept, don't know why, but it is. I finally (after 11mo) got our official wedding certificate. So happy! Not sure why it meant so much to me to have it, but I am glad its here!! Maybe I'll have it framed as an anniversary gift, ha! I don't get on during work, our comupter usage is monitored, but enjoy checking in ever so often in the evenings.
  5. Hi all!! I've been away for a while but wanted to let you know that I finally received my official wedding license. It only took 11+ months and numerous calls to IRHS but it arrived yesterday!! Good luck with your planning!! Enjoy it because it will be over before you know it.
  6. scheduled to start at 4pm, but started about 415.. minister was late.
  7. Shout ladies!! I'm so excited... hubby and I just booked a trip to the new Iberostar in Cancun for our slightly late 1st anniversary. It opens in December and I haven't been to the beach since the wedding last fall. I can hardly wait for it to get here. YAY!!
  8. Don't change your name if you don't love his name (even if you love him). I didn't change my name; it was a second marriage for both of us and neither my family or my hubby cared one bit. its just a name. You did mention the compromise of a different name, how about hyphenating? I did this first time around and my very common last name combined with a German last name was super long, sometimes i couldn't even fit my last name in the fill in the blocks forms, but it was socially acceptable to the ex and his family and to me as I didn't want to give up my "identity." Of course, you'll have
  9. Agree with MrsDeLoatch, Marcia and her assistant Chris were GREAT to work with. We have amazing pics and in just over a month after the wedding we received a package with 2 discs worth of photos (we had 4 because she sent back up discs in case there was a problem with one set). Our photos are on her website Wendy and Mark.
  10. JayKay, sorry you are having trouble with your ring. I just had mine reset into a very similar cathedral setting. I too have a round diamond. I really like it so far. Just a word of warning, if you decide to change the setting, be careful to make sure that it fits well with your band. I had to change mine from a tiffany 6 prong setting (which is what I wanted and what hubby picked for me) but I have an eternity band and either the diamonds or the prongs on the band were actually wearing/cutting into the prongs of the e ring. I'd suggest taking it to another branch (if it was a chai
  11. Paid with credit card on check out... actually they almost forgot to charge me for the wedding. I think the shocked look on my face when they said my balance due was $12, made them look again... fyi, if you aren't charged on check out, I was told they would NOT call to charge you for it. However, I bet someone could lose a job over not collecting several thousand dollars. We paid for the steel drums with cash before the wedding We paid Marcia with cash.
  12. We had a group of 9 total, it was great. We'd hoped to have a few more guests but those that came were amazing and we were able to spend time with everyone each day. We were able to make dinner reservations each night (at a different restaurant) and most nights all came, but if they didn't no big deal. We also finished the night at the lobby bar and the show. My cake matched my bouquet and arrangement that was on the table where we signed the marriage certificate (pink antherium and ginger with sprayed orange babys breath). Pardon the glow sticks we were having tons
  13. eholt, I'll join you in this project. Can't believe its been 8 months since our amazing wedding at IRHS. I also agree with adopting the no problem mon attitude. Like many of you, I am super OCD and a control freak, which is one of the reasons I chose a DW. Make sure you have your clothes/accessories and the rest will fall into place once you get there.
  14. Not having it hasn't affected anything at all, the copy we had worked for work/adding my husband to my insurance (I work for the federal government, so I was afraid the copy wouldn't work, but my HR person was cool with my copy. It hasn't bothered me because I haven't needed it for anything. Here is a copy of the response from Nicole (which was a week ago--no further response): Thank you for your message! The marriage officer informed us that the Registrar General is a little bit delay with the deliveries of the certificates, they advised him they will give him some next
  15. We did the legal wedding there, only one wedding day. No problems. You get a copy of the marriage license and are supposed to get an "official" copy sent to you 3 months after the wedding. Next week will be 8 months and we don't have that document yet. I heard back from Nicole last week that they were behind and hopefully mine will be signed very soon. I was able to use the copy for changing insurance (I didn't change my name) without any questions.
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