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June 2011 Brides!

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Hi Ladies!

I am a June 18th bride.   Donnie, your brochures are amazing -- great job! 


I feel like I was really on top of wedding stuff for the first few months, but reading all of your posts makes me realize that I've really fallen behind!  I don't have any OOT stuff (still deciding how to do this for 150 guests), shoes/accessories, BM gifts, play lists, welcome letters,  menus, dress hasn't come in yet..... yikes.  We don't even have our wedding bands!  The only thing I am really worried about is the OOT bags, because at least I have a start on the rest.  Would you ladies mind posting how much each one cost you (ballpark)?  I want to see if we can realistically pull off OOT bags with this many guests.  I'm also considering (knowing it might be nuts) to make all of the bags with things I find in Mexico during pre-wedding days (we'll get there Tuesday, the wedding is Saturday).


PinkBride, would you mind posting your schedule and lists?  I'm feeling a little lost without our original wedding coordinator.  I know you've had Georgina, and she is great, but I have a feeling she's a bit overwhelmed having to take on all of Bertha's weddings!! 


Less than three months to go!  SO excited!!!





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Hi Lisa! Welcome and thanks for the compliment!


As far as welcome bags go, I can't imagine making them for 150 guests! That is quite the task you are taking on and I'm sure your guests will appreciate them. I've found ebay is very helpful for ordering mass quantities of items for inexpensive prices. Just type in lot of 75 totes, or lot of spf chapstick or whatever and see what you come up with. With such large quantities I would also think you could get some good deals from wholesale sites - but you probably should start ordering soon to be sure you get everything on time! I love the idea of picking up items in Mexico too - can you imagine what kind of deals you could get purchasing that many items down there!?!?! The flea market downtown would be an excellent spot for those kinds of things. I went overboard on my bags - but I think you can make great bags with the essentials, like a few packets of medication, some lip balm, snacks, and maybe a couple bottles of water for well under $10/bag total. Honestly, in my case, I know most guests aren't expecting anything, so the simple gesture of having something for them when they arrive will be thrilling regardless of what is inside! There's also a thread on here that has a wholesaler for mexico items...it has cute touristy stuff like Mexico pens and keychains, bottle openers, etc - silly stuff but very inexpensive and it would at least get a laugh out of guests. The thread is called "Great site for cheap OOT stuff for Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico & Other Countries".


I'm also behind on things like the welcome books and the playlists. I'm kind of dreading putting together both so I keep putting it off for now. We still have plenty of time! There are girls that plan there entire wedding in less than 3 months!

Good Luck and Keep us Posted!

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Thanks, Donie!

I totally know what you mean about the edit button -- I spelled your name wrong the first time around! 


Great suggestions!  Thank you!  I will definitely look for the thread you mentioned.  Another thing we're considering doing is having a six pack of Coronas (wrapped in ribbon), custom koozies, and a welcome letter stocked in each guests' refrigerator (each room has a full kitchen at our resort).  It would keep it well under $10/room, and I think it would be popular with our group of lushes.  ;)


What are you all doing for your flowers?  Do you have pictures of them?  Can you believe how expensive they are in Cabo?!

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Lisa, I love the idea of the Coronas! That would be so cute! We plan to greet all our guests when they arrive in the lobby with an ice cold Corona! Also, if you are looking for a custom koozie company the cheapest one I was able to find was barrypromo on etsy (also on ebay)... http://www.etsy.com/listing/59540753/lot-40-custom-koozies-personalized?ref=sr_list_5&ga_search_query=custom+coozie&ga_order=price_desc&ga_page=0&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

Only $1 per koozie with no set up fee. However, Brandy, one of the April brides, used him and had some issues with getting them (he blamed it on a health emergency, but who knows) so I would order them right away just in case! Our guests are staying at a resort with full kitchens as well and we ordered custom stadium cups so guests can take drinks down to the pool without worrying about leaving the cups behind that belong in the room. They were also about $1 per cup and I am thrilled with the way they turned out. Very quick shipping! My only concern is they will take up substantially more room in our luggage than the koozies would have! Anyway, the link for those is here if you are interested:



Flowers are killing me! We finally decided to just go with white roses because everything else is so expensive! We are using Lola at Florenta. I actually sent her an email earlier this week to see if we can add some white hydrangeas without it costing a fortune, but she is out for the week. We are just getting the chuppa, 36-rose bridal bouquet, 13-rose bouquets with greenery for each of 3 bridesmaids, and 2 small flowergirl pomanders and that alone with delivery and tax is almost $1000! I hate that because it will all just be thrown away in the end...but if you want real flowers I don't think there is much of a choice! Cabo del Sol has several glass hurricanes in two different sizes so we're going to use clusters of hurricanes, some with sand and candles, some with shells and candles, and some filled with finger starfish for the centerpieces. I ordered the shells and starfish and sea urchins from usshell and received them yesterday, everything was a bit smaller than I expected, but overall the quality is good given the low price:



Sorry this is so long, but hope it helps!


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Wow! I still have a bunch to do!


Wedding bands, fiance's tux, music, reserve spa appt's, hair appt, and excursions...  I haven't even began planning my AHR!  Still getting my dress altered now... Makeup, hair trial...  Ekkkk! 


I need to get busy....

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Wow, Donie!  You've done your homework! Thank you!!


I'm stuck on the flowers too -- we'll have 18-19 tables at the reception alone, so it's going to be a bit tricky.  We are going with Emporio Arte Floral (Leoan) and she's really working with me to get what I want.  I don't know what your theme is, but I loved this idea for the candles:




We are also using hurricanes filled with water and limes, with either a floating candle or flower on top.  I do want a pop of color on the tables, so I am trying to decide if we should go the flower route instead of the candles...


Roses will be beautiful!  Hopefully it won't be that much more for the hydrangeas.  We are definitely using mini calla lilies because they tend to be cheaper and very "Mexico". 


Do you have a Z Gallery where you are?  They have a ton of really cool and unique shells and coral right now on sale if you need any more. 


Good luck to everyone and keep posting your awesome ideas!!!!

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I know the WC has told me since cabo is dessert and thats why they charge so much. At my resort they said we could opt for a single flower that costs $20 bucks for the BM's... yea no thanks! The boquets are 65 and they are nothing great... The WC also said that i could go downtown as they have flower markets but i dont want to be trying to find flowers last minute...


I love white roses but you dont think they will wilt or go brown with the heat? Like the edges/rims??



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Hi Lades!

I have been MIA for about a week just trying to get some stuff done!  It's great to see so many June brides on here!!


We were just notified that our hotel is now sold out during the weekend of our wedding.  It's a little bit of a stresser since we still have at least 8 guests with flights and no rooms.  This will be interesting :)


Donnie - I am also working with Lola from Florenta.  She has been great so far but as you mentioned, all the flowers I really wanted were so expensive!  I ended up just choosing some domestic flowers.  I am bringing down my own bouquets and bout's.  I went with the real touch so that I could at least have some calla's for my bouquets!  I am also bringing down about 70 loose green cymibium orchids that are also real touch.  I figured I could use them for the tables at the reception.  All of my real touch flowers should ship next week so I am anxious to see how they look in person.


I just finished up our ceremony programs and I am now working on the menu's.  I ordered raffia fans for the chairs and I will be attaching the program onto the fans.  As far as the OOT bags, I am slowly gathering all of the contents.  Ill update soon when I have some pics of all the stuff. 


I really need to spend some time on our playlist!!  We have a good start but I don't want to wait for the lat minute so I try to add songs little by little. 


We plan to go into town once we arrive, to grab some tequila bottles and some snacks for the oot bags.


We finally booked our honeymoon last night...Im so excited to have this crossed off of our list.  We decided on Capella Pedregal and I can't wait to be there!!



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