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  1. Sorry for the late response DRPrincesa! Thanks!! Having an early wedding for us was no problem at all! I made my spa appointment for early that morning, returned and got dressed and went to our ceremony. We took pictures around the resort and then went to Puerto Moreles for our TTD session. By the time we returned to the resort, we changed clothes and had dinner on the beach. I don't think you will have a problem with your 1pm wedding as long as your guests will make it in at least the day before. It also depends on what time you plan to have your reception, if you plan to do it r
  2. WEDDING DETAILS Wedding Date / Time – June 10, 2011 1:00pm Wedding Coordinators – Andrea Rodriguez, Paty Ulla (onsite) Wedding Package - Complimentary with Presidential Suite Gazebo – Pelicano's Beach Planning: www.destinationweddings.com A I used destinationweddings.com in order to plan my wedding. My Wedding Specialist was Sue Ryan. She was absolutely awesome! I'd already done my research on the resort that I wanted to go to. My criteria was a room that had some sort of separation since there was only the two of us, a large jacuzzi in the room, a large shower,
  3. I used Juan for my wedding and TTD session! He was awesome! He sent me a slideshow within two weeks so that I could play it at my reception! My husband and I LOVE our photo's and we received many compliments about them! You will be very happy with his services!
  4. I did a unity sand ceremony, and it wasn't to much at all. The ceremony is relatively short, between 10-20 minutes. It goes by very quickly. And our sand ceremony only took up about 1-2 minutes of that. I packed it the same way I got it there. I packed my dress in my carry-on so I just put the vase in between the folds of my dress so that it was cushioned. I had no problems during the transport. My sand looked just fine when I got home.
  5. Hello ladies! I posted my review from my June 10 wedding at The Royal Cancun, hope it's helpful! Here is the link: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-cancun-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/4813
  6. Congrats!! I got married at the Royal Cancun and your review is almost identical to mines! I'm waiting on my photo's before I actually post it.
  7. I got married at The Royal on June 10! It was absolutely beautiful! There were a few minor glitches, with the salon, and with the coordinators, and I'll be posting my review soon.
  8. We got married legally at home before we left. We had our ceremony at a church with about 25 of our immediate family members. We didn't want the hassle of doing things legally in Mexico and plus none of our families came so it was nice for them to see us get married at home first.
  9. I read on a photographers website NOT to use spray tan's for your wedding. It said it makes your skin look's orange in your photo's. So if you are going to, try it at home first and be sure that you are comfortable with the way you look in the next day's. Don't try anything right before the wedding! Good luck!
  10. I don't know much about the resort's wedding photographers, but I've heard that they don't do anything special. My friend got married at Royal PDC and she said they had a very basic camera and the pictures were very posed looking. I got married at the Royal Cancun & I used Juan Navarro. The policy when I booked was a $350 vendor fee. Now, I believe, it is the $350 vendor fee, plus a day pass. If you choose an outside vendor, it will probably be cheaper to book him/her a room either at the Royal or the Gran Porto Real (if you do this make sure it is in the room category where the
  11. My wedding has finally come and gone!! It was absolutely wonderful! I will write my official review when I go home next week, but overall everything went very well. Except for hair and makeup, if you don´t have to DO NOT use the spa for hair and makeup... It was just a very bad experience...
  12. Great review! I'm getting married here on Friday, the 10th! Paty is my onsite coordinator too, I'm hoping everything is awesome!
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