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so i stayed up until 3am last night on an insomniac STD mission smile41.gif


take a look at what i came up with ...


(couple of notes)

  • i put xxxxafter our names to block them out so i don't get so many stalkers like Heidi wink.gif
  • the backgroud image is a little bigger than the actual boarding pass but i will cut them to size
  • i am planning on individually personalizing each one with the guests name and departure city - (top right) does the font look too small?
  • our website is locked because the inner pages are all crazy and we have to make the time to finish it - i will send the password when it is up and running!
  • overall, i am thinking of 100lb cardstock, a natural blue/teal top seal #10 envelope, pre-printed with our return address on the back and the guests address on front with our logo on there as a decorative element. i am also considering custom made stamps from zazzle.com!



7.24.2007 with map _BDW version_.pdf

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Thank You All! the background photo was actually pretty easy to insert - i just made all of the other boxes 'no fill' and made the photo order 'behind text'.


i am going to take a disc to Staples and get a couple samples printed!

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Originally Posted by michelle08 View Post
Wow! Those look really nice...I like the idea of personalizing each one. So if it's a couple will you but both of the their names on one or give them each one?

how did you do the background??

and for the names - i am going to do the couples together - i think i posted a singles sheet!
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