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Riu wedding requirments and Docs

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I was going to email Chandlyn tonight to find out exactly what she needs. I also read someplace else that another bride scanned and emailed all her documents to Chandlyn and that was fine. Chris and I have both been divorced so I guess I need to send our divorce papers too. Anyone have any info or tips on sending this info out?

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I had a dream a few weeks ago that we were at the ceremony, but they wouldn't let us get married b/c Mike forgot his passport. In the dream, I was asking if we could just do a "fake wedding" since everyone was there, but they wouldn't let us. So, I will DEFINITELY remember to remind you with this dream fresh in my head!

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Originally Posted by Jerzzygirl View Post
LOL I will remind you in 7 months if you remind me in the next 2 weeks....
Hey Jerzzygirl,
This is your first reminder to get your documents to Jamaica! We don't want you showing up there and not being able to get married!
Keep us updated....
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