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Not having a DW anymore (having it @ home instead)- ALL DW Items for sale!!!!!!

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Hey Girls!!! Ok, so i'm really bad at this...selling things on Ebay/craigslist/forums...but i'm going to give it a try. I have a paypal account that i think will be safe for me to sell over here...but i am looking forward to making someone else very happy with the things i bought in the past couple of months...and i'm not going to use anymore.


I have decided to have a At home reception, mainly because when it came down to buying airfare, the prices are ridiculous...and when i started to do the math, i was better off having something here, where everyone could be apart of it...i still dream of getting married on the beach, and we are going to use our money we put down for a honey moon, so basically nothing is lost...and it's going to be a good party after all.


I really hope you girls can use these things, because what i had in mind was really cute...


Here is a list of the things i'm selling...and i'm selling them for exactly what i paid, since techincally...they are NOT opened...and NOT available in stores anymore...i can sell individually...just send me a PM on my email, since i'm hardly not on this forum anymore...my email is NicoleandChris2010@gmail.com


i live on Long Island, NY..and i can pretty much drive to queens and meet anywhere if it's close enough, so you can avoid shipping if that helps...but let me know.



Thanks GIRLS...and GOOD LUCK with all your DW's...


28 Luggage Tages (Bought at Michael's in Sept.09)...all in wrappers...clean...each pack contains 2...

12 packs of Green/Sage

12 packs of aqua/light blue

2 packs of black


2 packing list still in wrapping...40 pages each (bought at Michael's)...$1.00 each


1 Martha Stuart Clear world traveler stamps ($3.00-originally $9)

1 Martha Stewart airmail stickers ($1.00)


5 pocket edition Spanish phrases for Dummies

5 pocket edition Daily Spanish for Dummies

$1.00 each (from Target-bought a few months ago..SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE)


3 Orange passport covers (From Michael's)

1 Red Passport cover

1 pink passport cover

$1.00 each...i was going to give this to the bridesmaids for a BM gift...so they could travel in style....really cute!!



30 playing cards travel theme from Michaels...1.00$ each....this is what i paid back in September.


sorry can't upload pics here for some reason, so check ou tmy snapfish.



Snapfish: Share:Registration



thanks girls and good luck to each and everyone one of you!!smile159.gif

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I am interested in the pink and red passport covers. Let me know if they are sold yet! Also, how much do you want for the luggage tags? I am interested in the blue ones if they are around .50 each....wink.gif

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im PM'ing you about

10 playing cards, ALL 10 of your spanish books, & one of the packing lists ( as long as i read right that in each packing list comes 40 pages!!! thats all :) ! thanks!!

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I sent you an email! I'm sure your wedding will still be equally amazing, especially since you'll actually have everyone you love close by!

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