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  1. I'm with you, I had a GREAT experience with my TA on destinationweddings.com In fact, she was the better part of the experience. The resort was nice and beautiful, but they dropped the ball on the wedding day itself. Â Nikki Â
  2. Â Hey ladies, I haven't forgotten! Right after we came back from the honeymoon, I started my residency, and I work 12-13 hours a day on average. By the time I commute home, i generally only have enough time for a small snack, a shower, and sleep. The rotation I'm on changes soon so I'm hoping to get the time to sit down and type everything out. Also, so much went wrong for me that I really didn't want to post it until a few more brides had had their day because I didn't want them worried. I'm sure that my day was a fluke, but let's just say disappointment don't cover it and we're in the process of going through AmEx to get our charges back from the stay. For those ladies who just became a MRS CONGRATULATIONS! Â More later, with pictures.... Â Nikki
  3. Hey all, About to return home tomorrow evening. Will post a long review about the resort, but am not sure that I want to do it. We had some serious issues while at the resort, and I know the place has a lot of fans here on the boards. The last thing I want is more drama. lol. There were definitely some great things and for the most part, the wedding day went off without a hitch. As soon as I get time to sit down and write a detailed review, I'll let you guys know when it's up. Nikki
  4. staceysbride

    Starfish Passing Thread

    I need to hear from Aubry so I can start preparing to send the little guy out to her. Hopefully she doesn't wait until July 10th to check back in Nikki (staceysbride) Quote: Originally Posted by *Karla* UPDATE: Karla's Blue Starfish Passing List - Wedding Date in () Martine (Chicken764) - Punta Cana April 7- April 14, 2010 Kelly (Bakersgirl) - Whitehouse, JA April 30-May 9, 2010 (May 2) Island Bride - Captiva Island, FL May 23, 2010 Nikki (Staceysbride) - Punta Cana June 7-June 21, 2010 (June 10) Aubry - Dreams Riviera Cancun July 13-22, 2010 brezzie - St. Lucia Aug 4-Aug 14, 2010 (Aug 4) wendyjd - Jamaica Oct 7-Oct 15, 2010 (Oct 11) krishna69z - Valadero, Cuba Nov 26-Dec 4, 2010 Brandi (bnbrmy) - Cabo San Lucas Jan 6, 2011 Diva - Excellence Punta Cana March 14, 2011 futur_bride - Riviera Maya April 14, 2011 susanna.hanson - Cabo San Luca June 17, 2011 Jennifer (japonick) - Cabrera, Dominican Republic June 28-July 5, 2010 (July 2) Anyone else, let me know! For those wondering what the blue starfish looks like, here is a pic from my bouquet:
  5. Sure, ask her for her advice on a person there to do the weave. My bad experience (see a post above that I made) was actually with a Dominican woman. I won't chalk up that every woman will be as bad as her- but it wasn't a fun experience ;( My hair actually reverted within a few days at the roots, I sweat easily and plentifully. Hence worried about doing my natural hair while down there. Let me know what you find out and thanks! Nikki
  6. Ladies, I'm still on the fence. I don't know what to do. Weave or Lace front. Lace front or weave. I moved to Baltimore for my residency and don't know anyone in town to do it. Maybe a lace front would be the better option because of how I want to wear my hair. I have length to it, it's about bra strap give or take after a flat iron- but it's not relaxed and that carribean humidity is NOT going to support the sleek style I want. I need to hurry up and make a flippin decision. The clock is ticking. For those that have experience with lace fronts- where all did you get yours? Was application easy to learn to do? Here's a pic of how I want my hair. Nikki 507_blog_04.ppt
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Love the blog!! Will definitely keep an eye on it. I've pretty much the same thing you did a few years ago while in college transitioned out of relaxed hair but transitioned back after finding my current hair stylist...she is fabulous! I swear if I lose her....well I don't know what I'll do. When she goes home to DR I literally count the days till she is back. I'll check into the clip ins and thanks for all the suggestions. You rock! Danyelle, Love the blog as well. Sub'd you right away. You are making me want to run out and get me a maxiglide. lol Nikki
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Danyelle Oh YAY!!! Thanks!!! I'm glad you like it. Ooooh i know what you mean about a stylist you love that much!!! It's so nice to have one!!! I was stylist reliant for a while too, then in 2005 i bought a maxiglide, and NEVER looked back. That ish is amazing!!! it straightens out every single nappy bit of my hair and leaves it bone straight, so I don't need to relax to be straight anymore. And it also helped me save money by not going to the salon as much. I still love my stylist, and will go for color etc... but I'm so happy I can straighten on my own now. That maxiglide is like magic. You can check the results on my blog or on the youtube channel. That tool is my new babydaddy. OMG Danyelle girl you got me cracking up in the Panera reading that last line. I might need to check that ish myself!
  9. Sweetie, Mine are that exact color as the pic, and I got mine from weddinglinensdirect.com HTH! Nikki Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernSweetie Would you mind sharing where you found the Tiffany Blue sashes? So far, I can only find aqua.
  10. *whistles at sungoddess's dress* WOWSA! That is a gorgeous dress, and sexy too! If I had the body- I'd rock a gown just like it. Nikki
  11. You looked so beautiful. Your love and happiness really shows through in your photos. Your review really makes me excited to be going! I wish I had picked a Friday to get married
  12. khalia and mdb- I'm also having turquoise (and orange) sashes, I'll bring mine back. Once I get back and post my post wedding stuff, you should see them up. Since I only have 10 of each, they may not sell anyway. I didn't pay much for them (about $10 for the 20) so I'd only want like $5 for them. If they don't sell, you guys are definitely welcome to them. I'm going to bringing back a TON of decorations and I'm not going to be asking much for most of it, so keep your eyes posted. If I remember, I'll come back and let you guys know it's up. So excited, dress fitting coming up soon.....Gonna take pics of me all done up. I started crying last time when I put the veil on. The countdown is on ladies!! Nikki
  13. bulldog- We are ALSO flying AA! I thought they allowed 2 bags free per person, so that's a huge help. I have family who are leaving before we are, but they aren't flying AA I don't believe. They booked through funjet, so I think they're actually on USAir. I don't know if USA also does 2 bags international or not. But at least I know that if I pack right, I can get most of the decorations down there. I may have to whittle things down to make weight though. As an aside, did AA upgrade you and hubby to 1st (assuming you weren't booked there already) once they found out it was for your wedding/honeymoon? We're hoping they will, but IDK. Did you have some kind of invoice or statement with you or in your bags that the stuff was for a wedding? Any issues clearning customs? Lastly, did you bring back any mamajuana? There seems to be a debate on if you bring back the kits weather customs confiscates it if you haven't mixed the rum with the dry mix. Some people say yes because then it's a bottle of herbs and spices. Some people said customs didn't look. I'd like to bring back mamajauna (both the kits and already mixed) but I want to know what other brides who were there recently experienced. I'm off to read your review! Nikki Quote: Originally Posted by nbulldog19 So review is up...enjoy! Nikki- we flew American Airlines and they allow 2 bags each free so 4 bags total. The rest of the stuff we divided between my mom and 2 aunts. No one paid extra so it was great. MDB- We got the silver package so the ceremony was pretty much set up for me. I did bring fushia bows for the chairs which I left with the WC if you want to use pink (there should be fifty of them. There were tiki torches, the aisle runner was a sand color which I liked because you didnt even know it was there and they lined the runner with large starfish/shells. The four posts were decorated with white drapes and flowers and there was a table with flowers and the sand ceremony. There are pics in my review but here is one.
  14. Michelle, I am literally thrilled and quivering with excitement. I am at most a week away from finishing this rotation. And then? Graduation. YAHOO! I'm supposed to finish next week, but they may let me go at the end of this week. I want to spend some time with my mom- who isn't able to attend the wedding or graduation- before the madness of the move/graduation/wedding/honeymoon/orientation for residency/starting residency sets in. I'm hoping they'll let me go. But to answer your question, I think bulldog's pic is pretty close to the basic set up. I believe they will still provide you a table for like a sand ceremony, but I think flowers on it are part of the paid packages. We're doing gold, and they will even put flowers on the posts of the altar with that package. They will cover the chairs, and you still get an aisle runner. But I think it's white only for the basic package? I know I had a choice of about 5 colors. If you want the flowers hanging along the aisle or something like 'pew bows' would be in a church- that's extra no matter what. I *believe* that your bouquet and his boutonnière are included in the basic package- but I'm not 100% on that. I know with mine it is, and one corsage for a BM and one bout for a GM. Technically I believe it's 2 each, but we are using the extra ones as table decorations at the reception. Ana has been really flexible for us since our wedding is small. HTH! Nikki Quote: Originally Posted by mdb Hi Nikki, I should be purchasing some decorations also, but the resort hasn't given any indication of what decorations are included in what package. What all are you taking? I asked to see pictures of what the basic beach set up looks like as far as what is included in the package, but they haven't sent me anything. If anyone could give me some great ideas of what all would be beneficial for me to take, I would be greatly appreciative. Also, congrats on finishing your last rotation!!!! WOW.. what a big accomplishment! : ) - Michelle
  15. Khalia- thanks girl! I know it does feel good to finish- I can't wait to be done. Just two more weeks till this last rotation is done. I just sent in the app for my license. mdb- I think most all of us are bringing 90% of the decorations. There are things that they will do as part of the different packages, but chair bows etc tend to be a charge. It's cheaper just to buy those and bring it with you. Depending on your package they will let you choose your aisle runner, decorate the altar etc. Flowers on the aisle I think is a charge either way. We're forgoing them and using freeze dried petals that we bought tossed on the aisle instead. HTH! Nikki