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Kelly's wedding details~

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I thought I would share some of the details of our wedding, None of it is really put together yet, I will do that when I am away, but it gives you an iea of some of our details.

The rocks, coins, and bell placecards will be grouped together at everyone's dinner setting. The candles, pillars, and the glass candles, I have 10 of each size for a total of 40 candles, I am going to put the shell pot pourie all around the candles, and spread the candles in various sizes down the middle of the table.

My children's clothes are all different, because they are very different personalities so I wanted that to shine through, our kids are our wedding party. The flowers are for mine, and my three daughters hair. I put one on the ivory material for my wedding dress for you Jilly, so you could get an idea of how the flower matched the ivory, I think it would look pretty with white also.


The necklace is the beautiful necklace that I wrote about Everton giving to me. Our wedding ring pics didn't turn out but they are beautiful.


The shell creatures I think are going to be sticking out of the sand where I want people to kick there shoes off, not sure though what to do with them. The bubble tray will be full. Liam wants to be a flower boy so the tin bucket I thought would be cute. The sighn is going to be on the table where our ribbon for people to sign happy wishes, and the bubbles and fans, will be. Oh yeah we did his & her fans.


Hope you like the oot bags, I did seperate ones for the kids, and my mugs were personalized with a cladagh, and friendship, love, & loyalty, and Dominican Republic.


I just had to show you our shirts ,they are just so much fun, E, and I also have a bride and groom happy face, most of you probably saw them in my girls night out pics. The blue undies are my wedding undies (something blue) they say Everton loves Kelly on them they are too cute!!!


Well this gives you a bit of an idea of what we are doing, I just hope it all comes together!!


dragonfly_5/Wedding details - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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you did great!!! all the details, awesome...


I love the undies, and everyone's shirt with their title~ so cute!

your headband is gorgeous! the bubble tin is great!

I could go on and on, everything is amzing! Can't wait to see how it all comes together in the wedding pics...

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Originally Posted by LadyP View Post
Nice stuff. How are you getting all of that there.?
I have decided that I am giving out my oot bags this sunday at our meet and greet bar b q. The girls dresses I am going to put in with my wedding gown. Timothy' clothes in with Everton's. The candles, table favours, and accesserories are being packed in buble wrap, and I have a really big suitcase for all the wedding stuff. I have 7 of us going, we are allowed 2 pieces of luggage each that is 14 pieces (no I am not bringing 14 pieces, lol)of luggage so I am not to worried about having tooo much luggage with the wedding stuff. I am, however, stressing a bit with all that needs to be brought. I am telling everyone after the wedding to help themselves to the candles on the table, maybe it will make the rooms a little more romantic, LOL.
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Everything looks great!! You're so creative! I love how you have all the little details planned out - the fun shirts, the candles, decorations etc.


your invitation is ADORABLE!!! Absolutely perfect!


And I also really like the OOT bags...very cool.


I can't believe it's coming up so soon!!

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