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  1. I hear ya Jamy, but you know me, people I, and Everton, love first above all else. I am not saying wait to find out if he shows up on that day, I'm just saying wait a little longer, thats all. So many weddings result in hurt feelings and broken relationships and I just find it so sad. I just think she should let her fh decide how he wants to handle it, because it is really about him and his brother, ultimatiums are never a good thing, and it sounds as though her fh is having a difficult time giving his brother one. But hey what the hell do I know, because I don't know the strength of the relationships of these people to one another. I just really think the bottom line is respecting what the person who's family member is the one causing the problem wants. I may not like the decisions E makes in regards to his family (like mailing his aunt a $100.00 wedding gift, lol) but they are the people he loves and at the end of the day he must feel good about his choices in regards to them, not me. I was just trying to give another perspective, one maybe that hadn't been considered:) As always Jamy a pleasure examining with you the different perspectives and approaches to the various dilemmas life throws our way xoxoxox
  2. Enjoy mine, it was the most fun we had during our wedding week! Remix for dragonfly_5 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  3. I am going to go against the grain her, as I usually do when it comes to these situations. How important is it to your brother that if his brother can make it he stands up with him? If it is important then let it be, if he makes it great if he doesn't then adjustments can be made closer to the ceremony for his absences. You have to ask yourself will it dampen your fh day if his brother is at the ceremony, because he has figured out how to get there, but he is now just a guest I know that would upset me. Is it really worth your fh being upset about anything on the most important event in his life just so you have peace of mind 4 months before the wedding of how your wedding party will look? I think the important thing is our feelings for people, and not the picture perfect effect that so many of us envision, 20 years from now are we going to remember that we were highly organized in the preparation for our big day, or that we got married with the people who are most important to us surrounding us. I think you should just relax and let your fh hold on to the hope of his brother being an intregal part of your beautiful day. If it happens wonderful, if not what is truly the harm.
  4. Christine, I am late to this as I've been busy with Nicole stuff lately, but omg she is beautiful! Congratulations I am so very thrilled for you xoxoxox
  5. Happy anniversary to the greatest couple ever!!! Hope your having a wonderful time in JA!
  6. Glenda, I am sooo happy for you, you are a beautiful bride!!!!!! Your stories are hilarious, it wouldn't have been a Miss Glenda wedding if it was lacking the excitement and humour that you are all about Congratulations to our latest Mrs.
  7. I firmly believe that if you don't want them at your wedding, don't invite them. I think if you invite people then you must fully expect that they may come. You have to know that you can afford to entertain them as your guests and that you will not be resentful of them being there (after all you did invite them), because you will be surprised at the people who make it and those who don't. Also as a guest I would hate to think I was invited somewhere I was not wanted, especially if I took the invitation in good faith (and why wouldn't I) and figured out a way to be able to come up with the money, take the time off of work, and use up precious vacation time.
  8. Jenn I LOVE them, you look sooooo happy, wasn't it fun? Jenn you are such a pretty woman, what a lucky man you married:)
  9. La la la la,la laaaa Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthdayyyyy to Jaaamyyyy Happy birthday to you! Be happy this is a virtual birthday song because if it wasn't you really wouldn't want me to sing to you!! I would anyway though, so be happy of the miles between us!!! have the happiest of days, and celebrate you the way you deserve to be celebrated
  10. I will always vote to keep on shopping for shoes, lol, and I beg to differ that a shoe problem is - too many:) I don't like the white one's, but I love the blue ones!
  11. We did it hours before we left for our DW. It was important to me that after we said our vows at our DW we were actually going to be married, it wouldn't have felt right if we still had to do the legal part when we got home.
  12. Just forget the camera is there and make out and grope your man for a couple of hours and I'm sure your photographer will capture one or two:) Our shoot was a little x-rated at times, I had to remind Everton more then once that we were on a public beach!!!
  13. My bedroom is also blue with chocolate brown, curtains comforters, pillows, furniture, and a choc brown rod iron bed. I vote for a wedding picture, I think it is the perfect place for it to be hung. No it is not to vain since it's to remind you of the most perfect, romantic day in your life, what better place then over your bed:) Over my bed I hung a ttd picture that was way to personal for anyone but me and Everton (oh and of course you girls) This is what I hung, again sorry for the size
  14. Here are mine, sorry about the size:)
  15. I honestly just threw my hair in a bun at the side and did not wear any makeup. I didn't want to worry about my makeup in the ocean with the sand and salt. It took me 2 minutes to get ready I just put my dress on over my bathing suit, big mistake my suit was black and when wet my dress was see through, lol. It was such a lighthearted fun shoot from beginning to end:)
  16. We fight about time together, Everton works all the time, and then with the kids schedules we barely have time to say hello to each other. We fight mostly when Everton goes in on his days off, it drives me crazy! The other major sourse of conflict is his lack of time maanagement, he thinks 15 minutes means an hour, he is late for everything. He says I'm leaving work now and an hour and a half later he gets home. We also fight a bit about his lack of closing cupboards, folding laundry and leaving the kitchen a mess! Early in our relationship we had kid issues it was hard the whole step family thing, but we went to counselling to learn how to deal with things and now we are pretty much on the same page about the kids. The longer we are together the less we fight.
  17. Lucy that sucks I can't imagine not being able to book time off for your wedding, can you call in sick and ask your doctor to give you a note because of your back problems? Oh, off topic did you ever get your dragonfly tat done, I am curious to see it?
  18. Karen I don't know the name of the places I went but I found lot's to do in O R at nite. Just wander into town and you will have a good time. I asked the resort staff for ideas for night life off resort and it was easy from there.
  19. I paid 20 dollars for the person who was pumping their gas when I went into pay, I told the clerk to tell them it was courtesy of bdw:) This was a good idea Karen, I have to admit I enjoy doing random acts of kindness and I do it often, it is so much fun.
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by redheaney mabride... the private villa sounds like a lovely idea - but an expensive one! I think I'm gearing toward a place with stuff going on... just not loads of young ones running around (especially the young adult kind!) Misha... definately interested in AI, as that's obviously the best way to go, money-wise. I'm thinking that Rock Hse and the Caves would be too quiet... ? I wouldn't say that I'm laid-back, exactly (lol) but am looking for somewhere modern, chic, with stuff going on, good food and at a reasonable cost! (as I'm sure everyone is looking for! lol) Here is a reasonably priced villa that Everton and I are renting next summer with the kids, so we can visit with Everton's family and introduce Liam and Bria to their fathers homeland. Discovery Bay Real Estate Rental Jamaica - House We are going to JA in August for our honeymoon and we are torn between three resorts right now, Iberostar rose hall in Mo bay for location purposes, the Gran Bahia principe in Runaway bay, it looks pretty, or the brand new not even open yet Gran Palladium Negril in Lucea near Negril, for the price factor, the suite's and the sunsets. We are also staying for a nite in Mandeville the heart of JA at the Mandeville hotel to attend a family wedding and meet Everton's family who live there, it should be interesting being off the beaten path. I stayed at the Jamaican Grand in O.R last time I was in Jamaica, and loved it and it was walking distance (5 min) to everything, the market, bars, restauraunts, it was a blast. let me know what you choose I am curious
  21. I wore my rings all the time and no damage done, but my diamonds sure did sparkle:)
  22. I would not worry so much right now, it looks as though your wedding is well over a year away so you never know what might happen. You will be surprised at how many people will change their plans throughout the wedding planning process, some you think aren't coming will all of sudden be coming and some you thought would be there all of sudden can't. My point is with ddw;s yopu just never know until almost the last planning stages, if you can handle that then a ddw's is for you and if you can't then maybe a wedding closer to home is what you should consider. You could also always do a legal ceremony before you leave and invite the people important to you that can't make it, and then have your beautiful wedding on the beach with everyone who can. I don't believe that if people can't make it, or choose not to come that it dictates how they feel about you, so try not to have your feelings hurt throughout the preparations, it will only take away from the joy of the whole ddw experience. Good luck:)
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