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Cheap Beach Towels & Totes - Awesome Find!

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For anyone wanting to add beach towels to their OOT bags.... I was at Target last night and they had them in their dollar section! They were $2.50 each! I bought them out and then went to the other Target in my town and they said that is a new item and they haven't put theirs out yet. The towels are obviously not the BEST quality but they're pretty darn nice considering the price. They had bright pink, bright blue, purple stripe, green/pink stripe. I'm going to take a picture and post it when I get to work later today.


They also had tote bags for $2.50...the colors were not what I was looking for but I did end up buying 2 black ones for the only 2 single guys coming on our trip. The other colors they had were dark red and dark green. They zip and have a tiny zipper pocket inside. Ill post a pic of these too.


Like I said, the clerk said they're new so not all Target's will have them quite yet but she said to check back next week.


Hope this helps someone :)

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