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  1. I want to make Signature guest platter on my own at a pottery place. I just don't know what kind of design I should make since I am not artisitic and have a sloppy handwritting. i need to practice.
  2. Look him up by vendor. I found him and am really thinking of using him myself!
  3. I want to wear bridal slippers with Rhinestones. Any one know of a good place to find them? Thanks August 2010 Bride
  4. jazzygirl


    Welcome! You will love this forum. Lots of good stuff. I am getting married in DR - Dreams Palm Beach in August. Have fun!
  5. I was thinking of doing a "married couples" game with my guest. Bring the married couples into the game and make them answer questions about their marriage. Like "What was the last thing you argued about?" or Where did you go on your last date?". I don't know. What kind of questions should I ask? suggestions?
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