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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Janelley100 Well ladies, We are packed and ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am a bit bummed that the weather report shows rain, rain and more rain for the entire time we are down there. Yuck! Say a little prayer for sunshine! Thank you all for all the wonderful ideas and great questions you've brought to the forum in the past several months. We couldn't have done all this planning without your input. As soon as we return I promise to post a full review. Thanks again and wish for sunshine!!! Chelle Good luck on your special day Chelle! We won't be leaving till the 14th. Have a safe trip. I know, I was worried about the weather reports though. Praying for good weather at least on our days!
  2. Thanks! This was really helpful. I've tried and tried to figure out how to do iron-on transfers for the longest time ever.
  3. I have to admit, DIY-ing is kind of addictive. Not to mention that it's totally fun.
  4. Got busy and finished my program fans. Just used shimmery cardstock and a popsickle stick. Also made luminaries for additional table decor. Because of the wind, I used LED lights bought at the dollar store. Wrapped them with damask-printed vellum that I had hand stamped WITH LOVE. I am planning to line them up in a row on the long rectangular tables.
  5. I heard that David Pena is only available for the larger packages though.. LIke you have to purchase the other photography packages
  6. SlapSappy, wow that price alone is quite scary too. Did you guys get a group contract through MP? It's way way cheaper with the group contract. Also, some of my guests are sharing rooms with each other and splitting the cost to make it cheaper. As for airfare, we booked around April when plane fare from Chicago to Cancun was around 290-350 round trip.
  7. My main motif is apple green and then using olive green as an accent color.
  8. Congratulations! It sounds like you had so much fun on your wedding.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodimichelle Hello Moon Palace girls!! It has been very crazy for me this past few weeks. Trying to close on a house...had my AWESOME bachlorette party! My fiance had his bachlore party last weekend and got BADLY beaten and assaulted by staff members for no reason (we have witnesses). We had to get lawyers..we are going to catch these guys! Brighter NOTE: We got legally married on Friday !!!!ya for us!! We tried to keep it a secret, but we were too excited to keep it from our friends!! So NOW back to wedding planning! Those who have gotten married or who will be getting married...without a MC, but had the speakers and used their IPOD- who announced the bride and groom and things like that.. your first dance etc etc?? Did it seem weird using an IPOD without a DJ/MC? GOOD LUCK TO ALL =) Yikes! So sorry to hear what happened on your hubby's bachelor party. Congratulations on getting married though!
  10. Moon Palace is waay bigger than Beach Palace but Beach Palace has a lovelier beach. Perfect if you want to get married on the beach!
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