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  1. i think i'm finally getting my pro pix next week - she took a lot of great detail pictures of the site, so as soon as i get that disk i'll put together an album and upload!!
  2. hola senoritas! been a loooong ass time since i last posted, and even during the planning process i wasn't a very good poster. hopefully i'll make it up in the review portion of the forum. would love to inspire new bride to be's and persuade those on the fence to GO TO LAS CALETAS!!! we had our wedding on 4.24 and it was freaking amazing. seriously - the best day of my life and i've never felt so beautiful (thanks to vera wang!! aaahhhh!!!) there were a few little mishaps - but i think you're supposed to have those on your wedding day, right?? we started about an hour late - but that's quite alright - because apparently the boat ride was a bit choppy so that extra hour of wandering the grounds before the ceremony started gave those that were affected time to settle their bellies. i'm currently in the process of getting everyone's pictures and i will be making a slideshow/video of the wedding day - THAT will take ages, but it's part of the thank you package i'm going to send to all of our guests...thank god we have a year to send em out. haha. once i get the pics all on kodakgallery, i'll be sure to share the link with you guys so you can either a) get all nostalgic and teary eyed to the pix of beautiful las caletas or get super excited about your upcoming nuptials at the most amazing wedding location ever. anyways, please be patient with me! i'm going to hookup my desktop in the next couple of days - there is too much video/picture footage for my laptop to handle right now. once that is set, i'll sit in my office, zone out and write a loooong ass review. i want to go back & do it all over again. if any of you ladies are headed out to your wedding...don't let go of the fact that this will be the ONLY time all the people you are with on your wedding day will ALL be together in the same place, same time. if you can - acknowledge that...i wish i did. i dunno if that makes sense to anyone...but i had to say it!
  3. further proves that i am a terrible BDW bride right now... i answered my own question (see earlier post) with a little more searching on the forum. looks to me like i just have to go with fernando. haha - thanks, andi, my wedding day twin! your response to another lady's inquiry was enough for me. to fernando! wooohoooo.
  4. hey all! i'm a terrible BDW bride and have not been on here in soooo freakin' long. life has been insane, but i am finally in a good place...my goal was to have my entire wedding ready to go 2 weeks before we leave...and today i am at about 98%...if you can believe it, i've already packed!! haha. just a taaaad bit crazy. one thing i'm still trying to work out is make-up. my stylist (yay for friends that work in salons!) is coming with me so my hair is taken care of but i'm still trying to work out makeup. kelley recommends fernando. i have read good reviews about him - but i'm a little concerned about the price. can someone who has used fernando please please PM me what he charged you and whether you thought it was worth it? i feel like he's got a monopoly on LC. haha - any other makeup artists to recommend that have worked out at LC? hope you're all well and having a great week!
  5. miss di

    April 2010 Brides

    hi ladies!! i NEVER come on the forum anymore...but i just had to pop in and say hello and i hope you are all doing really well with your planning. for me, the forum was AWESOME in the beginning and really helped to give me ideas and inspire me...then the holidays hit...then i just started doin' my own thing......... ebredhawk...hope those poop stickers are treating you well. hahahah
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jazzygirl Anyone have a hard time trying to open any of the links from this site? YES! there have definitely been issues with it lately...when i first found it, i didn't have many problems and just recently i went back to use some of the templates and the links are messed up. sorry, guys! suuucks.
  7. miss di

    April 2010 Brides

    hiiiii ladies. i just am doing a quick drive-by and wanted to say hi! it's been FOREVER since i last posted anything and even longer since i took the time to read past posts...house has still been keeping me very occupied but i *finally* got wireless working in the place so before long (these days, before long means in a month!) i'm going to sit down with a glass - no, a bottle - of wine and catch up. hope you are all getting everything you need DONE and outta the way. i've totally ignored all things wedding. it's good though, i think i'm in a solid space. i really want to take my dress in soon to start getting some alterations done. erin - hope your future daughter hasn't terrorized you with those poo stickers!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by barefootbeachbride Hi Everyone! Im officially a Las Caletas bride! I just paid my deposit this morning..Im so excited to start planning with everyone! I will be here a lot.. march 29, 2010 is the day CONGRATS!!! i love that the list of LC brides keeps growing and growing...
  9. wow! i have been soooo MIA from bdw lately. there's a lot to catch up on. for now, jaime louise, your postcards kickass!! those are fantastic!! like, andi, i made my own invites too...here's the link to those. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t48403 they went out recently and we've gotten so much amazing feedback and the rsvps have already started to roll in. i can't believe it's october so SOON.
  10. miss di

    April 2010 Brides

    hey! this is ME shaking YOU!! do not let your cousin's wedding steal your thunder. the fact of the matter is you had this idea before you went and saw that she had it too. great minds think alike - right just remember that, and maybe use that in a little speech during your reception. you could say something like... "what's next? a baby race?...you better not have twins, cuz then i might have 'em too..." i dunno - maybe that was lame, but all i could come up with at 10:16am on quite possibly the most exciting morning of my life so far!! (we get the keys to our house today!! and i sent our invitations this morning!) DON'T FREAK OUT!
  11. miss di

    New Here - Las Caletas Wedding

    welcome to the forum!! congrats...and YAY for another LC bride! have fun planning.
  12. miss di

    April 2010 Brides

    erin - i agree with jerseykitten - sounds like you have plenty. if you have 4 vases for a table of 20, then you'll have 1 vase for every 5ppl...think about a typical table that seats 5ppl, 1 vase is perfect as a centerpiece.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride2011 Can anyone tell me when I should get in touch with the crew over at Las Caletas if I'm aiming for a Jan 2011 wedding? Maybe at about the year marker? i think a year is good - we went on our site visit at the end of march 2009 and booked the following week for our april 2010 wedding.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Would I be able to get that same template? I'm looking to do the exact same thing. Thanks!! for sure - just email me. email to ducksandgoggles@gmail.com instead of my email below...
  15. miss di

    New to this

    congrats!! welcome to the forum...enjoy!!