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newbie!! Bride to be..Aventura Cove Palace

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Hey all!!


Im so happy to have found this forum! All the info has been very helpful. I cant wait until my wedding in November!


I am curious to know, however, if anyone has used the photographers and vidoegraphers provided my ASP. Im a little worried to use them not knowing what kind of work they do. If anyone has any pointers I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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Thanks all!!


nbills-I booked nov 12 at 4:00. I think there are quite a few other weddings that day too. I was actually thinking of doing nov 6 but it my MOH had a conflict with her work schedule. Did you choose a package already? What are you planning on doing with photos and videos? I find it more difficult to plan the llittle things when booking a wedding so far away!

chirstina- I have checked other threads but there is so much info its hard to go thru it all. Its really overwhelming.

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