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  1. Thanks so much for all your help ladies! I didn't realize how different everyone's dealings were. I thought what I had was standard (90 days held about 25 spots for $400- we then had waaay more and still got the price even after the 90 days) so I was freaking out when my friend told me she only had 7 days. Anyways. Thanks again. Happy Friday All!
  2. Thanks Cara. Did all of your guests have to have their deposits down within 7 days of booking the resort though? Mine had 90 days, which gave me time to put out invites.
  3. Hello ladies, I haven't been around in a looong while and looks like I missed the get together already HOpe everyone is doing well and planning I am actually hoping for your help for my friend who is getting married next May in Dominican (for real getting married, not like me...) I remember when I booked last summer for my was-to-be wedding this past May, I put down a small deposit for groom and myself and that held the group booking for 90 days for our guests. It guaranteed the price. There were others that I would have had to put down a giant deposit, but it still would have held the group price. My friend is being told that she has to put down a deposit for every guest she expects to come within the next 7 days, but they will not hold any more spots at the price she got past that 7 days without deposit. What did you all have to do in regards to deposits and holding your prices and group bookings? thanks in advance for your help! Christina
  4. That is so weird about the sections, but maybe it changed. Transat used to offer the Colonial section...not that it makes a difference really as they are both the same except the Colonial is more in the "middle" where the Kantenah sections is off on the one side. That sucks that the flights leave different days! That is why we had to change tour operators though, as some would have been leaving day after the wedding and I didn't want that. Also, our Toronto and Montreal ppl. were actually all from Newfoundland as well as Labrador, so they had flights in from their homes in to Tor. and Mont. day before they were supposed to leave, and we weren't able to get them changed when they changed the Mexico flights 'cause there was no more room (one stupid flight in and out every day from some towns). Then they changed the Calgary flights too and it became really messy. I don't know what the chances are that they would change the flights. I do know of several ppl. it happened to, but there really is no way of knowing. That is the good thing about WestJet though as their flights are confirmed way before the tour operators, and we had been told that they very rarely, if ever change them- and even then it would change times and not DAYS! Are you for sure wanting to do a legal ceremony? If not...problem solved!
  5. Hey Mags, If you are planning on doing a legal ceremony, your wedding day should be on the Thursday. I also struggled with that, and actually had to change our trip to two weeks later than I had wanted b/c I could only get a Wednesday (or Friday, but didn't want that as our trip was Sat-Sat). If you are thinking of doing a legal ceremony here first, then it does not matter. The Kantenah and the Colonial section are the oldest parts of the resorts and they are basically mirror images of eachother. The best beach is near the Kantenah section (the beach wedding ceremonies are on that beach), but really, the resort is so huge anyways and all can use that beach. The Riviera section is newer and the entry level rooms are junior suites, which is nice as well. If you are going with a package through a tour operator, you wouldn't get to choose the section. Different ones do different sections. The ones I know of in Canada are Transat, Signature, and WestJet vacations. Transat does Colonial, I forget what Signature does, and WestJet does the Riviera section. I don't know who does the Kantenah section. If I were you, I would get quotes from as many tour operators that you can and figure out your best value. I was originally booked with Transat on the Colonial section, but then they changed their flights so that my wedding date would not work and flights for our guests coming in to Toronto and Montreal would not have worked either. I ended up pullling out of Transat (they gave us all our deposits back), and re-booking with WestJet (got lucky there) on the Riviera section. We got a waaaay better deal (ended up being $600 less per person) in a junior suite as compared to the standard room with Transat. Again, that was lucky for us in the pricing. Also, different operators offer different incentives (seat upgrades, every xxx guest free etc). If you want some more detailed info. on the resort and rooms The Palladium Addict site is a GREAT resource. Go to Palladium Addict | Palladium Addict | The Original Fan Site of the Grand Palladium Resorts, Hotels & Spas | Mexico Mayan Riviera Puerto Vallarta Dominican Republic Jamaica Montego Bay Brazil They have a tonne of pictures and wedding info too. Hope that helped you. Let me know if you wanted to know anything else.
  6. Hey ladies, I am no longer getting married at all, but was supposed to be at the GP in May so I had been planning for the past year. I have also been there in the past, and know people who have gotten married there. Am still subscribed to this thread so have been keeping up a bit... What Adridashanne has said in the previous two posts is correct. If you want the menu options for the PRIVATE reception, you can get that from Rocio. I would offer to send it to you, but I deleted it a couple weeks ago when I was in a bit of a bitter rage If you have under 40 ppl and are on a budget, you can use one of the a-la-carte restaraunts for your reception. They will set aside soom space for you, but it is not private. You cannot have a DJ or dancing here. This would just be a dinner thing, and they would still allow other hotel guests to reserve dinner for the night. For these non-private receptions, you still have to have a set menu for a group over a certain number. If you have more than 22ppl., you can have a fully private reception at La Laguna or El Gran Azul. They are both essentially the same, just on different sections of the resort. La Laguna is near the White Sands and Riviera section, and Gran Azul is near the Colonial/Kantenah section. If you have more than 40 ppl you HAVE to have a private reception. The wedding packages all only include up to 8 ppl, so for every guest over the 8, you have to pay $20 pp. Then for the meal for a private reception, you would also have between $50-$60 or $70 per person. There are many choices for meals and they are all several courses plus dessert. Rocio and Erika actually had a little communication error recently with what was to be my wedding. I had notified Rocio several weeks ago about the cancellation, then Erika emailed last week asking me to confirm numbers and meals for the private reception we had booked at La Laguna. Point is, those things you would confirm ahead of time. If you want a private reception, you should also book as far in advance as possible as there are only the two locations and they do more weddings than that every day. Reception times are all from 7-11pm no matter where you would go. If you have the time to go back on this thread, there is a tonne of info. from past brides. I think I also might have attached a copy of the menu for the private receptions, but you would need more than 150 posts to be able to open it. I also copied and pasted a few emails from Rocio that answered some questions. I would be more than willing to help answer any questions I can if anyone still needs clarification on wedding related info. or questions about the resort itself. Happy planning all!
  7. Annnd, I can't add...twice! I made a mistake in the amount I paid. It was actually about $200 with shipping, not $300 like I had stated.
  8. Just to clarify (maybe I shouldn't have put in how much I paid for them!)... I am not looking for the whole $300 back- Just to re-coup some of my losses. I am willing to consider any reasonable offer.
  9. I have 6 metres of this fabric in hand, but can get the other two metres if someone would like all 8 meteres. For those not fmailiar with the metric system, 2 metres is more than enough for one dress (mine were going to be knee length cocktail style). Willing to throw in the lining, thread, and zippers I bought as well for 4 girls. I paid approx.$400 CDN for all fabric. Fabric is teal irradecent Pronovias dupioni silk- the pictures don't do it justice- it really is the most stunning fabric I have ever seen! Trying to re-coup some of my costs from my now cancelled wedding... Please PM me for q's or to make me a reasonable offer. Christina
  10. I ordered these bags and no longer need them-they are brand new. With shipping to Canada, I paid almost $300 dollars for all of them (the shipping cost more than the bags!). Am looking to re-coup some of my losses... Please PM me to make me a reasonable offer. Let me know if you have any questions. Christina
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo Girls, sorry kinda off topic but I finally made my first dress appointment at The Perisian followed by Mena's (no appointment) next Saturday the 6th and then Ethos (with Betty as per suggestion from her, was surprised though she is semi-retired and only works part time but sounded sweet) I called the Bridal Centre, they didnt pick up, I left a message earlier today and still yet to hear back, off on a wrong foot with that one I guess I had to get bridesmaid dresses for another wedding from Blissful Bridal before, but any other suggestions of a must hit store? I am actually dying to go to Kleinfelds and was thinking of doing it in June anyway but maybe I am cutting the whole November wedding too close, cause if I get it in June to get it by end of October is 4.5ish months If you are going to start at The Parisian, I would try making a back to back appt. at Cameo & Cufflinks as well. They are in the same building (owned by the same people) in Dalhousie station. Let me know if you end up wanting a certail Pronovias dress too from the Parisian...mine is sitting there waiting for me to pick it up, and I need to figure out what I am going to do with it!!! Good luck shopping Boo.
  12. Cara-I just read back a bit and saw your post about your father- I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine what you might be going through right now, but I am glad to hear that he was so excited about your day. I'm sure he still is for you and will walk you down that aisle on your day as well as hold your hand for the rest of you and your FI's beautiful life together. Thanks to the rest of you for your kind words. Somehow I can't seem to stop looking on here to check on everyone' updates and planning. I have not ventured off of this thread very much yet so haven't been on buy and sell, but I do have 22 white bags with black straps that I bought off of Amazon if anyone is interested for OOT bags. I paid $77 for the bags and $85 for shipping (rip off I know), but would be willing to work out a good price if and Calgary brides are interested. I don't need them obviously at all anymore. I also have two Costco size boxes of listerine strips that I was going to throw in there if anyone wants to buy those off of me as well. Am going to try and return my shoes that are waaay past the return date tomorrow- I'm sure they will take them back if I start to cry in their store! Wish me luck all!
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