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I am looking for invites with a palm tree or palm leaf motif. I thought I had found the perfect ones, but when the sample came in the mail I didn't like it. So, back to the drawing board.. Has anyone come across any? Or know of a place that sells these? TIA!

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they were a custom design, so the sample that you see on the site is actually my invitation - that was my color scheme wink.gif


but to answer your question, yes, Melina is great and will totally customize colors.


I have a bunch of them at home. If you would like, I can send you one of mine and save you the hassle. you can just pm me your address.

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Go to Wedding Invitations, Bridal Shower Invitations & Save The Dates — eInvite there are a few on there that I liked when I was looking. (I went with the one titled hibiscus from this company). I actually ordered a sample of the one named "bamboo" and I really liked it... I just saw the one titled "tropic" and that is really pretty as well... Good luck!


CORRECTION: I didn't order from this comany, but I ordered a sample of the bamboo and hibiscus and they were really nice. Then I found a local compnay that was offering 10%, so I got hibiscus from them, not einvite...

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