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    Does your face get Red when drinking?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel ME TOO! I get super blotchy on my chest. Not so much my face. My mom said it's because I'm allergic to alcohol but that's just her wishful thinking. She hates alcohol, but I partake in a beverage or two. I usually start getting flushed after a couple and then everyone laughs at me. This also happens when I'm angry, sad, embarrassed or any time of emotion really. It's like a mood indicator. Totally sucks especially at work. Someone can piss me off and I try to keep a poker face but Bam! my chest turns blotchy and everyone knows I'm mad. I had to wear a high necked shirt for my speech class in college. It was embarrassing. I am exactly like this and I HATE it. I get so red and splotchy with any type of extreme emotion. I look like a lepper and I'm really concerned about the big wedding day. When I was trying on dresses I even got the splotches on my chest! I joked around saying I was going to have to wear a turtle neck. Glad to know I'm not alone!
  2. I just got a really awesome quote from Catamaran Tours in Cancun sailing to Isla Mujeres . They quoted me $1375 for a private catamaran for approx 50 people. This price would include: - 4 hours in the catamaran - snorkeling at Isla Mujeres - Spinaker Flight if the weather allows - Open National Bar at the Catamaran - light Lunch (baguette, and fries) - taxes This breaks down to $27.50 PP!!! I'm still waiting to hear back from the concierge at my resort too to see what they have to offer. I'll let you know if they give me anything good.
  3. jlink78

    Big Brother 9 ...

    So I finally watched the 1st 3 episodes last night and I'm already sucked in! This group is definitely gonna cause some drama this season. Anyone have any favs yet? I think I'm liking Amanda and Alex but of course that can change in a matter of seconds. All I have to say is that I wish my tush looked like hers! She really doesnt' need to be showing it off all that much though. Can't wait to watch tonights episode. Ohhh, one last comment... How waxed are Matt's eyebrows?
  4. jlink78

    So What do you do for a living?

    I am a Senior Business Analyst in the Information Systems group at KPMG. Basically this means I find out what the requirements are for new computer applications, design the screens and work with the software developers to build the applications. Its pretty interesting but can be a bit monotonous at times.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MsShelley very cute. I really like your monogram! Thanks! Also done while sick in bed!
  6. I found this site this weekend while I was home sick in bed with the flu. I even ordered some samples and their mock-up kit. The prices are really reasonable ($1 per pocketfold) and they have tons of colors and finishes to choose from. I haven't seen the site posted on here yet so hopefully I'm not duplicating a thread. Cards & Pockets
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Do you think for the reception an IPOD docking station would work? I believe that's what Jilly used for her reception and thought it worked great. It probably depends on how many people you plan to have.
  8. jlink78

    Am I the only one working today?

    I'm working too. I work for a major accounting firm so there are no holidays for the entire Firm until tax season is over.
  9. jlink78

    Got my raffia fans

    I got my fans from this site as well. The quality is great for the price and the shipping is super fast. I definitely recommend them.
  10. I'm looking to do a catamaran trip for our guests too. I got a quite of $60 per person from Partners sites | dtraveller.com . It included: - 4 hour sunset ride - Snorkeling - Open bar Their catamarans only hold 45 people though and right now we already have 50 booked and are expecting more so this doesn't work for us. They were very nice and very prompt in responding though for anyone with less then 45 people.
  11. Paula your TTD pics came out awesome. # 32 is my favorite. It's such a breathtaking picture. You guys are a very photogenic couple!
  12. That dress is beautiful. I hope you're able to find it and try it on. Good luck!
  13. jlink78

    Happy Birthday Dear Heidi...

    Happy Birthday Heidi!
  14. Everything looks so beautiful. What Tim did for your daughter was so sweet. The picture even brought a tear to my eye! Congratulations!!