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Found my dress....yayyyyyyy..i luv it

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thanx so much bridal buddies, i reallllly like the dress and cannot wait to have the whole look accessorized w/ hair, jewerly, make up, veil, etc......i tried on several dresses and this 1 just felt right in this dress....i second guessed myself because it was soooo many dresses and after a awhile the wedding dresses ALL start 2 look like "white fluffy clouds"....plus ,my mom and 6 out of 7 bridesmaids luved it...i had 1 bridesmaid who thought i should go w/ a larger princess lots of tulle type dress (which r pretty, but not for me) which just swallowed my petite body frame......now that i have the dress, i have 1 less thing 2 do.......i cant wait for it 2 come back so i can get it altered....


ps.....wow, its official....my fiance and i are no longer playing house, we are really getting married...yayyyyyyy

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