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What I would and wouldn't do again...

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My thoughts and ideas keep cahnging too so I love this thread! Hopefully I won´t make the same mistakes. Thank youuuuuu!cheer2.gif

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WOW this thread was amazing to read!!! I read all 58 pages!!Keep them coming please!!!

It is so comforting to know that I am not the only one all over the place with my planning!

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I was married at the gazebo at DRC, and I would have brought decoratoins for the gazebo.  It was very plain, as their are no decorations included in any of the packages.  A tablecloth and flower arrangement would have been nice on the table under the gazebo, and some type of fabric draping or flowers on the gazebo itself would have been beautiful, although somewhat difficult to install without professional help.  I also would have had an isle runner with rose petals - that alone would have added a lot to the setting. 

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Ok ill add my two pennies worth ladies

1.Dont sweat the small stuff,remember a bridzilla is not the best way to create happy wedding memories for yourself and guests!!!

2.You booked a DW dont let anyone ruin the dreams and ideas you have in your head.

Ok now what id do again

Im glad we deceided to stay in the villa with our families and friends its not something we will repeat but the daily dramas helped to make every day different

Im glad we did the vista im off to Paul and Marias wedding t-shirts everyone loved them i didnt do the OTT bags as we were all in the one villa bar 7 guests


I loved my dress( pronovois, lace) it didnt need steaming infact whilst getting my hair done i noticed it was in a heap in the bottom of the bag.Im glad i didnt blow the budget cos we only wear the dress for a few hours.You will look fabulous i promise x

I loved all the decorations i took down it was worth the effort.I wish id made the effort to bring some home though

I loved my clip in hair extensions and this was one of the hardest but best decisions i made.

I wish we had drunk the champagne id bought at the airport before we left the villa not a biggy we drunk it when we got back.I would of liked some piccies.


Ok what i wish i hadnt done

Right now i wish id left one guest at home. No i wish id put her in a boat and sent her far far away.If i just say she tried her hardest to ruin our wedding week im not saying the wedding, the wedding week and honeymoon.The result is she said i looked like miss piggy in my wedding photos !!! this from a woman who is a uk size 22.

I wish id been a little more detailed in how i wanted things set up .The vase i wanted as my sand ceremony was used to hold the orchids that should of been in the goldfish bowls on the tables.It meant there was a break in the service whilst it was retrieved.

I did tell the staff but they obviously wernt paying atttention

I also wish my brother who took our photos had taken pictures of my dress hanging up.He took pictures of our rings but kept them in the boxes i wanted them placed in flowers etc.

I said i wanted chilled un posed piccies but i wish Paul and i had more piccies of us together.Thats my fault cos he would of done what i asked of him

We really didnt party!!!!! we had lots to eat and drink and then sat around chatting the kids(my big kids) were doing shots lol

Im glad i made the effort with the wedding music but im not sure the guests really listened to it.

I could of spent alot more money but i think we stuck a good balance.If you know this is a new experience for your guests then you really shouldnt kill yourselves with the extras that we see and then want.Your guests will be bowled over with whatever you do for them.

I didnt do invites or OTT bags the t shirts and the taxi to the airport pashminas and fans for the woman was it.I know no one expected any more.

I was happy with the mac makeup i bought and it feels good to go to work now wearing my wedding makeup lol

AHHH FALSE EYELASHES get someone to glue them on who has some clue on how to do it lol also someone whos not handicapped with acrylic nails lol

I really was a chilled bride chatting waving and delighted BUT had i been a little more anxious i wouldnt be writing half of the i wish id ...... comments

Finally make friends with the etsy website for hundreds and hundreds of wedding ideas use the buy/sell freebie/link on here i got my fans veil TOJ all here saving me a small fortune

When i look back to our wedding and wedding week i have happy memories im sad that someone tried to ruin those memories and yes there are some things id change not much and the things that i made the most effort with were worth every single moment.Im glad i wrote our wedding ceremony and vows there wasnt a dry eye lol.There were tears of laughter and tears of joy and i feel incredibly lucky to have had the wedding of my dreams with the love of my life.

Enjoy every single moment and if theres one person you think may let you down leave them at homeThat dosent include the mother in law though sorry xx




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