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  1. @misti~ Your hair looks gorgeous. Would you mind telling me what your ordered? I would like something similar.
  2. Anyone who hasnt had a private reception, did you have your own waiters and were drinks of choice available upon request?
  3. I havent decided on the entertainment yet. This is frustrating.
  4. I was expecting 45-50. So now Im thinking if its worth it. And wonder if it will be boring.
  5. Anyone having less than 30-35 people? What are your plans? I am hesitant about having a private reception.
  6. Good Morning Ladies. I am sooo excited. I've lost 12 lbs and I'm down 2 pants sizes!! I take my measurements again this weekend. I am not as tired as I ususally am!!! I love this thread. I dont post much because its tax season but I definitely lurk and take in all the great information and tips. Thank you ladies so much!
  7. Ooooh... I am off to the website. Looks exciting!
  8. Hi Ladies, 103 days until my wedding. I am sooo excited!! I am working out at least 5 days a week and following the WW program. I am excited to say that in 5 weeks I lost 9 lbs!! This is great news for me because I do take meds that have contributed to this weight gain (along with self indulging during stress ). I hope to lose another 15 before the wedding. Good luck to all of you ladies!!
  9. I use keracare dry and itchy scalp line. There are various hair forums that you ladies my be interested in. Quote: Originally Posted by Islandgirl910 Can anyone recommend good hair products for black hair? I heard Mizani and Organic Roots products are good. I preferably need a product line that will eliminate dry scalp, add shine and volume and prevent breakage. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks girls! ~T
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