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  1. Congrats! We shall see you on the beaches of the world and celebrate our anniversaries
  2. We had our ceremony on the beach and the reception on the deck just a few feet from the beach. It worked out really well.
  3. Awww, the grandparents story is very touching. We basically narrowed it down to a long weekend since we were asking people to travel. We picked May because the prices weren't as outrageous as they were during high season in Feb-Mar. So we ended up picking Memorial Day Weekend. It also worked out that our first date was on Memorial Day Weekend 2 years before. And this way we have a long weekend every time for our anniversary
  4. Wow, those are some tough situations! I don't think the numbers have to match evenly at all. We PLANNED to have even numbers but it didn't work out that way (my hubby's cousin got sick and another cousin had an urgent business trip same weekend). We had a blast and I would have felt REALLY weird asking someone to fill in last minute just to keep the numbers even. Nobody likes being 2nd choice.
  5. I didn't really want one and insisted on no presents but my family and friends talked me into having a bridal shower and I'm glad that I did. Hopefully we all will get married just once and this is a good excuse to get together and have a celebration. I did mention that the gifts were optional but some of the people who attended were not flying for the wedding so they brought gifts and were happy to participate in the wedding activity, especially since they couldn't make the wedding.
  6. It doesn't have to be matchy matchy. Just because turquoise and black are your wedding colors doesn't mean that EVERYTHING has to be torquoise and black! Don't stress about this at all.
  7. If you both are ok with it then just go for it! My Dad is very particular about music (and not much else) so all of my suggestions were not accepted. He ended up picking a Paul McCartney song that had nothing to do with the wedding but we danced to it anyway. He enjoyed it and felt much better about dancing with me in the spotlight (he has 2 left feet LOL).
  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. Very unique and tasteful. I had to do a custom wedding band as well since my ring is curved on both sides. Great job!!!
  9. I wore a low heel sandal with some sparkles on it. The heel was rather wide so I didn't sink too much. Looking back, I would have worn a pretty flip flop and changed before the reception since my shoes were full of sand and I had to go to the restroom to clean my feet off before our first dance
  10. I so wanted to create a wedding book for all of our guests with our story and pictures of us, family, and guests. I just didn't have the time I saw the books that other brides created and was kicking myself for not finding time to do it. Would have made a wonderful souvenir for us and our guests.
  11. Tiffany, I'm glad that you got things smoothed over. Wedding planning is stressful enough without all these antics. Good luck with the rest of your planning and hopefully your wedding party will behave themselves from now on
  12. We got married in Aruba last year and did the legal marriage paperwork in the U.S. It is much easier that way. Then you can have the actual wedding ceremony on the beach or wherever you want. But you do need to be actually married and show the officiant your marriage license. It is a lot easier than dealing with the Aruban marriage as it has many requirements. It's a pretty standard way of doing things for destination weddings and you don't have to worry about registering and translating your marriage license when you get back home so the government here recognizes it!
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