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I bought my dress!

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I bought my wedding dress today and I love it. It will be in November at the latest.


After going to what felt like most of the shops in the city, I went back to the first store where I had it narrowed down to two dresses.


This is the Augusta Jones Joile.

It has a little piece of material with beads in the front that comes off if you want it to. I think it cuts me of strange so they will bring it up about a half inch, but it snaps in.


I also ordered a veil. It is a Jennifer Leigh veil in mocha... which I liked in the store... but I don't like it in these pictures! It kinda clashes with the chiffon train piece! I had not given much thought to the veils, I just don't want anything very big. Help!


What do you ladies think? I do cancel the veil and look around for another?

I am not sure how I am going to do my hair, but if I have it up, it will be bunchier, not a tight bun like I did here.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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Ok first of all, your dress is amazing. It looks so fantastic!! I love love love love it! omg, if I were you I'd sneak back to the salon every week just to try it on again!! lol


As for the veil. It's nice, but I agree, it's a bit off somehow. Can you cancel your order or return it once it gets in?

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Wow you look gorgeous!!! I have gone back and forth about a veil, and now I think I'm back to NOT wanting to wear one at all. The gazebo area can be very windy at Dreams, and I think it will annoy me if it's in my face. But my dress is also a bit more casual and I don't think the veil really adds anything, if anything it takes away from my dress. On the other hand, I think a veil looks very nice with your dress. I see what you mean about the colors looking like they don't match the best. Could you order some fabric from your dress designer to match the fabric on your dress?

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LOVE the dress, it's gorgeous. what a great feeling to finally find the dress, right?


since we're being honest - i am not sure i love the veil with it though. i am not sure if it's the color, or the way it sits pretty bunchy/stiff and covers your back. maybe if it were spread out a little the color wouldn't be as dark? if you aren't happy with it - i know you can find something else if you want. i had mine custom made to what i wanted, and it was just $60 - i wanted something one-layer, pretty thin. but if you do decide to go with this veil, it's so discreet that you'll barely notice it, and it does have that rich color like the dress does

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