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Vikki's Planning Thread

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#1 Vikki

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    Posted 10 November 2009 - 02:59 PM

    Well, I’m technically writing this on the airplane and will post when we get home. This last week was a bit hectic and I just couldn’t find the time to get it done. I have to say thank you to founders and members of BDW for this awesome resource. I’ve had much more fun with getting ready than I ever would have without the ladies here!
    Just a warning-I tend to be a bit too detailed in descriptions so continue at your own risk!

    How we met:
    Brandon and I met about 4 years ago when we both played an MMORPG. We were gaming buddies for a few years and then a group of us decided to have a group party. We flew in from around the US and had a great time.. One thing led to another and in early 2007 Brandon packed up and moved out to Boise. In March of this year he decided to make it official and asked me to start giving him hints about what kind of ring I might like.
    Click the image to open in full size.
    Why a Destination Wedding?
    Since I can remember my dream of the perfect wedding has involved being barefoot on a beach. I didn't have the desire to go plan and organize a large wedding and so the private beach ceremony was perfect for us. We chose Jamaica for a couple reasons. First, Brandon had been there before and loved it. Second, at the time we were booking there was quite a bit of negative press around Mexico, the other potential location, and I wanted our parents to feel comfortable.

    The Venue:
    We’re having the wedding at Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios Jamaica. I chose the resort before joining the forums and there were a few moments of doubt after seeing the other options in Jamaica but for the small wedding party I have it will be perfect. Couples is a small, all-inclusive, adult only resort chain with 4 locations in Jamaica. I relied heavily on a message board provided by couples when I chose Sans Souci for the location. (Click the image to open in full size.
    My wedding band is a plain white gold band. I will not be attaching it because I don’t want to have to take off both rings for my active lifestyle.
    Brandon’s ring we got at another small jeweler. We had looked and looked with no luck and just stopped by one day and there it was.
    Click the image to open in full size.

    The Dress:
    I found a dress online that I initially absolutely loved! It was perfect for a destination wedding. The only size in stock was a 16 (I’m a 10) so I ordered it on a special program that I could send it back for a fee if it wasn’t alterable. I was running out of time to wait the 3 months it would take to have one made in my size if I didn’t like the dress. It came, the alterations shop said they could accommodate and I kept it. Somehow I just didn’t feel like a bride in the dress and kept going back to a more traditional dress style. Finally I bought one. It's a Maggie Sottero "Veronica" I was able to re-sell the first dress for close to what I paid for it so it worked out ok.
    Click the image to open in full size.

    I went with some pretty traditional items for the old, new ,borrowed and blue. A bracelet given to me by my mother that belonged to my grandmother is my something old. My dress is new, grandmother’s pearls are borrowed and my barefoot sandals and garter have blue.
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    The Ceremony:
    My parents will both be walking me down the isle and my sister will hand us our rings. The resort has standard vows but allows us to write a short exchange as well. We will have an empty chair to symbolize the loved ones that are not longer able to join us.



    Misha Earle - Click the image to open in full size.

    ((Quick note-I don’t blame the photographer for my dissatisfaction with some of the process. Her photos were spectacular and it was my problem for not doing more homework, and being more clear with my expectations. I do think that she and her partner could have a more organized method of working with clients that would have helped with many of the communication breakdowns during the photo selection and pricing process.))

    #2 Vikki

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      Posted 10 November 2009 - 02:59 PM

      DIY Projects:

      OOT Bags and travel packets

      Brandon designed a logo for us and we ordered canvas bags, T-shirts and stickers from zazzle.com. We put a few other items in the bags as well. We didn’t do save the dates or formal invites because our group was so small….and I’m not a really creative person. We did send out travel packets to our guests with resort information, travel reminders and Brandon’s satirical guide to airline travel, complete with obscure references. (attached at the end!)

      Click the image to open in full size.

      Click the image to open in full size.
      Ceremony Decorations
      My mom was a huge help with the wedding decorations and spent hours helping with details.
      The resort offered a standard wedding package but once I got a look at the ceremony location I knew it wasn’t going to work for me. The cost to upgrade started at $300 and I wanted to try and keep it simple and way under that cost. So we made our own bamboo tripods draped with our colors. My mom helped me sew matching chair ties as well. Our cost came in around $150 and included decorations for not only the ceremony but our small reception as well. I also hung starfish on fishing line (that belonged to my grandfather ) and strung that with the organza.
      Click the image to open in full size.

      Click the image to open in full size.

      Additional d┬ęcor – votive candle holders in the wedding colors, beads dyed to match wedding colors and scattered flowers/starfish around the ceremony location and reception.
      Click the image to open in full size.


      I decided not to spend additional money on upgrading the cake. We are going with the complimentary cake and champagne. We were initially going to design and have a cake topper made from our MMORPG characters from the online game we played when we met. But there wasn’t a way to do it around copyright restrictions so we scrapped that and instead found this awesome cake topper that represents another of our favorite activities-hiking.
      Click the image to open in full size.
      I’m going to upgrade the standard bouquet offered at the resort. I spent some time trying to decide what I wanted and customize flowers but it was going to be really expensive so I will just stick with the resort offering on this one.

      Bridal Shower/Bachelor Party

      My mom arranged a bridal shower for me at a local tea house. I originally did not want a shower but ended up enjoying myself. Two of my aunts were able to join us and my other aunt called earlier in the day to wish her congratulations.

      Click the image to open in full size.

      Click the image to open in full size.

      Some of my cool goodies from my shower.

      Click the image to open in full size.

      The same day as my shower Brandon had his bachelor party. It was a pretty standard event and as expected he arrived home at some point in the early morning the next day with little memory for what happened and a horrible hangover. We heard from his friends later that he had a great time 
      And so that’s it I guess. There are so many more pictures and details but it just gets too long to try and get it all together.

      #3 Vikki

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        Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:06 PM

        Here is the travel book we used.

        I borrowed most of the resort info from another BDW bride that was married at Couples Swept Away :-) ErinB I think

        Brandon's rant about air travel is my favorite part though :-)



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        #4 ~*Kathy*~

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          Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:09 PM

          Great planning thread Vikki! I your dress, gorgeous!

          I also LOOOOVE the fact that you two met playing WoW haha, DH and I played Final Fantasy XI together (not how we met though, we met in high school) for a few years and met a lot of folks in that community who had met on the game and got together in real life. It's amazing the way love will find you sometimes.

          Congrats to you and your hubby!! Can't wait to see the pics!

          #5 autjo

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            Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:14 PM

            I love your dress!! Can't wait to see more pics :) Congrats Mrs!!!

            #6 JT3

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              Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:31 PM

              great planning and congrats with your wedding...

              #7 ~Keira~

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                Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:40 PM

                woohoo! Tell me you totally love your kitchen aid mixer! The brownie recipe that it comes with it is tops!

                Your details and everything look wonderful and the way you and your hubby met is the same way my sister and her husband fell in love. Too cute. Can't wait to read your review.
                ~Keira~**formerly KLee147**


                #8 NaM

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                  Posted 10 November 2009 - 03:41 PM

                  What a great planning thread!!! thanks for posting...it all looks fabulous!

                  #9 lolosmama

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                    Posted 10 November 2009 - 04:12 PM

                    Everything looks great, thanks so much for posting your review!

                    #10 shellk

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                      Posted 10 November 2009 - 04:43 PM

                      everything looks great congratulations

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