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  1. Yes, most of them are wearing suits but the gift was more for them to take home and remember the day as we wont be giving them out until after the meal so they will already be dressed! Thanks for the ideas. I really appreciate them.
  2. We are giving pashminas to our girl guests which will be in a basket with the usual sign - to have and to hold, to keep you from the cold and we are giving cufflinks to the guys - but dont know what to put on the sign for those. Any ideas would be appreciated please. Thanks K xx
  3. We're doing a pre-travel letter to send with the luggage tags and a little information booklet I have made that looks like a passport. I think I pinched most of the letter from another member on here (thank you very much - sorry I cant give individual credit but thanks all the same). I dont know how to add an attachment so here is the letter - Dear Family and Friends, Thank you so much for taking the time to join us in Kalkan for our wedding! This will be such a fantastic experience for both of us and it means so much to have our family and friends there to share it with us. I have put together this information book so when you arrive in Turkey you will be ready to relax and enjoy your holiday. I have included some general information and have even included some Turkish words for you to practice before you go! We don’t want to put anyone on a schedule as we are all on holiday, but there are optional activities that we have arranged – please let us know if you want to take part. The wedding ceremony will be at 4pm on Friday and there will be a reception following the ceremony. Your presence is present enough, so we ask that you please don’t bring gifts, but if you wish to make a donation to St John’s Hospice, we would be very happy to pass it on, on your behalf. If you have any final questions before we leave please feel free to contact either of us. And don’t stress, once you get there you will have a great time. We want everyone to relax and enjoy the time we have together! Hopefully, this information will be helpful as you prepare for your holiday. Please feel free to use the enclosed luggage tags for your suitcases and hand luggage. We can’t wait to see you there! Love of Love, Kay and John Our Wedding Website | Events | Verify Password password is
  4. Yes definately include your son and give hime and an 'important' role in your day. My daughters are much older than your little boy (they're 14 and 16) but they will be very involved, starting off with giving me away. My FI children are grown up and although they had booked to come with us, they are both now pregnant so won't even be there, which we are both upset about but I guess it cant be helped
  5. Thanks for the link - they have every language EXCEPT Turkish, which I need so I best carry on searching. Great link tho. xx
  6. Congrats on your wedding! Your bags looked fantastic - no wonder your guests loved them. x
  7. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I cant believe how much DIY stuff you did - and I love it all - in fact I've saved this thread. Thanks for sharing with us. x
  8. Congratulations!! Your wedding looked amazing and what a beautiful couple you are! Loved ALL of your dresses too. xx
  9. Wow everything looks amazing. Your colours look fab together. xx
  10. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks great. Have a fantastic time. xx
  11. I love planning threads. Thanks for sharing yours. I especially love your tanktops. xx
  12. Amazing. I love the way everything is personalised. Hope my bags turn out HALF as good. xx
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